Ways To Beat The Humidity

Summer is almost close to meeting its end, its beginning to rain as is the rise in humidity in the atmosphere, but as nice as it sounds its equally straining having to deal with humidity at this awkward mix of weather- still hot, even though little rain, little chilly at times. We’ve got some tricks (tips really) up our sleeve which can help to beat the awful humid weather.

  1. Drink Drink Drink


   This should be everyone’s living mantra. Drink as much water and juices as much you can. Your body needs to be properly hydrated owing to the excessive sweat in this weather. If you’re out in the heat, if your house is humid, or even if you are exercising, drinking is most essential. Plain water is ideal but if you want to add up some nutrients along with your hydration, try a good vitamin water. Only make sure to stay away from anything with high amounts of sugar, because it will leave you more thirstier.

  1. Keep it Light

Keep it light

   The clothing you wear according to the weather makes a lot of difference. If the temperatures are up, more importantly, if the humidity index is really high, then you must dress lightly. Not only should you wear light materials that do not attract the heat but keep in mind that those are light colored as well. Even if you don’t want to wear white, you can stick to pastel colors and avoid very dark colors.

  1. Eat fresh

eat fresh

   Eating fresh fruits and veggies is very necessary, because it is a very effective way to stay hydrated, plus your constitution will improve in general. Try eating a lots of salads, just green, or mix of fruits and green veggies. Eating them cooked is also great, but eating them raw is a better option. Pay close attention to items rich in Vitamin C and water content.

  1. Take care of your Hair

take care of your hair

   Watch your hair, because if they are really long they will cause more sweating, not that it will dehydrate you but still causes feelings of lethargy and even headaches, therefore you need to be kind to your head. You need to style them in a smart way. Throw it up in a bun or a ponytail to keep it off the back of your neck.

  1. Avoid oily protectors

Avoid oily protectors

   Sometimes you need protection from your protectors. Stay, away from sunscreens and moisturizers and makeup that contain a lot of oil. Oil-based products block away your pores and prevents your body from cooling they way it should naturally. You won’ t be able sweat properly which is very unhealthy.

  1. Time to get active even on the inside

active inside

   Doing exercise even in these humid weather conditions is necessary but one thing that is needed to be kept in mind is not to over do it. Its because you will obviously sweat more than normal and in the weather which already makes one sweaty all the time, over working out is a bad option. If there’s not a single breeze stirring outside and the air feels very soupy, keep it indoors, go to gym or exercise in your living room. If you really the need to outside then go swimming but don’t forget to wear your sunblock.

  1. Bathing can be fun

bathing is fun

   A nice, cool bath is one my favourite ways to cool off my body in humid weather. When it’s very very humid, give yourself a an hour or even a thirty minutes, run a cool or lukewarm bath and you could listen to some music. You feel instantly cool even when you get out. Just make sure to not go straight into air conditioning or into an area with high heat because extreme change in temperature that occur too quickly is highly unhealthy.

  1. Stay indoors

Stay indoors

   Try and stay indoors as much as you can or stay in places with shade. If one area of your house is cooler than others then make yourself home at the cooler areas, because when the temperature gets hot you need to stay cool and healthy.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with very sultry summer weather or even unexpected heat waves in spring, fall,etc., these tips will always help you manage the humid weather, and stay cool and healthy.