2 People Are Scared Of Vaccine…’: Modi's Mock Attack On ‘Parivarwadis’ In UP

Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India slammed the opposition on Thursday for raising concerns over the Centre's performance in providing a record number of Covid-19 vaccination doses across the nation. Modi stated the Opposition challenged spending the money behind the vaccine effort, but he did not name any specific political party. The Prime Minister declared during a public gathering in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, that the Opposition has an issue with Yogi Adityanath, Narendra Modi, and even the vaccination.

According to Narendra Modi, there are two categories of individuals who are afraid of vaccines: those who oppose the immunisation push and those who are afraid of the coronavirus itself.

He claimed that he came to Fatehpur to warn residents about those who spread fake news and deceive them. The Prime Minister went on to say that it is his great luck to be capable of serving the citizens of the northern state.

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The PM inquired if everyone at the event had gotten the Covid-19 vaccination shots in a direct connection with the crowd. Modi then asked if the state administration had stolen a single rupee from the people to deliver vaccine injections, to which the crowd exploded in cheers.

Modi stated that Parivarwadi is labelling the vaccinations ‘Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ka tika,' a disguised assault on the Congress and the Samajwadi Party (SP) and over dynastic politics. He then questioned the crowd whether anyone told them when they got their vaccinations that the immunizations were from the saffron party. The crowd erupted in applause, signalling a negative response.

The Prime Minister stated that it is his responsibility to work for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh and spend cash for their protection and betterment in exchange for all of the affection and support he and his administration have gotten from the state.

Narendra Modi went on to claim that the residents of the northern state had opted to organise colourful triumph ceremonies before Holi on the 10th of March this year, ratcheting up his rhetoric against the opposition.

Narendra Modi also cited his first address as Prime Minister of India, which he gave in Delhi at the Red Fort, in which he spoke about building toilets for India's remote and underprivileged homes, with a focus on ladies and girls' needs. The opposition, the Prime Minister told the Fatehpur throng, asked how one could talk about bathroom standing at the Red Fort at a worldwide occasion. They, on the other hand, have never experienced poverty.

Modi acknowledged his humble beginnings and stated that he had witnessed and comprehended poverty. He also slammed the opposition for opposing the triple talaq ban, claiming that they had a problem with it as well. Should he not consider the wellbeing of the country's females, he questioned the crowd?

The Prime Minister stated that the Parivarwadis are afraid of losing their electoral base in Uttar Pradesh since Modi is providing many services to the poor, including health programmes, housing, and bathrooms, among other things.

On Sunday, the 20th of February, the 3rd stage of Uttar Pradesh assembly polls would be held, with 59 seats spanning 16 districts on the ballot. On the 7th of March, the last round of the polls would take place, followed by the counting of ballots on the 10th of March.