3 Deaths, Injuries At Bengal IOC Refinery Trigger Agitation; Govt Announces Aid

Revolt erupted on Wednesday after a fire at the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) plant in Haldia, Bengal's East Midnapore region, killed three temporary workers and injured almost 40 others.

The refinery was visited by a delegation of senior IOC executives from Delhi. According to IOC officials, an investigation into the accident has begun by a three-member expert group.

State agriculture minister Soumen Mahapatra, who is local of the area, toured the location and met with IOC officials while a few hundred temporary workers gathered outside the facility, seeking compensation for the impacted households and healthcare for the wounded men.

The minister asked that the plant's safety procedures be upgraded, as well as appropriate compensation for the relatives of those who died.

IOC has consented to pay each one of the 3 families a settlement of Rs. 5 lakh, Mahapatra stated following the meeting on the 22nd of December 2021, Wednesday afternoon. The private enterprise that employed these people will contribute a similar sum.

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A few of the refinery's main units are currently undergoing shutdown and refurbishment, as per IOC. On Tuesday at about 2.40 p.m., an accident occurred at the MSQ facility while workers were performing shutdown-related tasks.

The primary cause of the tragedy, according to the IOC, appears to be a flash fire, which resulted in severe burns to 44 individuals, three of whom died as a result of their injuries. The fire was quickly put out, and the condition has now been stabilised.

The wounded workers were taken to the Haldia Refinery Clinic, from where thirty-eight people were evacuated to two private clinics in Kolkata late Tuesday, according to IOC authorities.

The IOC stated in a comment that the families of the three workers who died in the event yesterday have been contacted and offered all available help during this difficult time. Three contract employees were released after receiving initial treatment, while 38 others were admitted to multi-speciality institutions in Kolkata for extensive medical care.

According to the notification, Indian Oil is providing the best medical attention to the 38 injured people and would spare no effort or expense to ensure their quick recovery. Their relatives are also being approached to offer any assistance that may be required. Indian Oil's senior management is keeping a close eye on the situation. The impacted workers will receive all required help, relief, and adequate compensation from Indian Oil. A high-level Delhi committee has already been on the scene to investigate the incident's origin.

The state police established a green lane on Tuesday so that medics can approach Kolkata without stopping at traffic lights all along one hundred and eighteen kilometer journey.

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, remarked in a tweet that the fire in IOC, Haldia, had left her "devastated." Three valuable lives were gone, and she is mourning with the families who lost loved ones. Through a green tunnel, the injured are being transported to Kolkata. The government of West Bengal will assist them in whatever way possible to guarantee a quick recovery.