Afghan Crisis: Satellite Images Reveal The Chaos At Kabul Airport

Thousands of citizens flocked to the Kabul airport as international nations began airlifting their officials to escape the Islamist hardline organization's leadership. Two armed males at the airport were killed by US soldiers amid the confusion, according to a Pentagon official.

Since the Taliban assumed complete control of the war-torn country on Sunday, the situation in Afghanistan has gotten worse. Maxar Technologies recently provided satellite photographs from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, which revealed Afghan nationals' desperate desire to abandon their homeland. The satellite photographs also show the turmoil outside the airport, as hundreds of vehicles were stuck in a jam as they attempted to approach the runway.

On Monday, footage showed a group of frightened Afghans clinging to a United States military plane as it lifted off, plummeting to their deaths. At least three passengers died when the plane plummeted out of the sky in mid-flight and landed on the rooftops of buildings. Some Afghans attempted to cling to taking-off planes. After security lines were overrun, others crowded the tarmac. By the time night fell, all flights from Kabul airport had been canceled.

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In haste to board some of the last few planes leaving Kabul, large crowds appear to have abandoned their vehicles. All aircraft at Kabul's airport, both military and commercial, were halted on Monday, according to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby, while United States soldiers worked to re-establish a security perimeter around the airport.

The military side of the airport is controlled by the United States military, which has been evacuating thousands of Americans and other foreign citizens. After days of mayhem and lax security, it halted all flights and attempted to regain control of the civilian side. Many Afghans wept as the fear and grief of a return to Taliban control grew, knowing their chances of escaping were remote.

According to the Associated Press, seven individuals have died so far in the Kabul airport incident, according to American military sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Thousands of Afghans are obstructing runways and grabbing on to the United States Air Force planes attempting to take off, with some dropping off in mid-flight. At least seven people are said to have died as a result of the pandemonium. To clear the tarmac for flights to take off, the United States military flew helicopters low over the crowd.

On Monday, the Pentagon announced that 1,000 more troops would be deployed to Kabul, bringing the total number of troops in Afghanistan's capital to 7,000.

Military aircraft evacuating diplomats and civilians commenced on Tuesday, according to a Western security official at the airport, and the number of civilians at the airport had reduced significantly. 

According to multiple witnesses, the Taliban have taken control of the civilian side of the airport's entrances, stopping people and vehicles from entering. Massive traffic bottlenecks were visible on satellite photography near the airport's entrance. No one would be permitted to leave the nation without authorization from the "new government," according to one European worker.