Afghan Government Offers Taliban Power-Sharing Deal In Qatar To End Violence: Report

It was because of the fact that US-led troops withdrew from the region that the Taliban has been hesitant to reach a political agreement with the Afghan government and other regional entities.

According to the news agency AFP, officials representing the Afghan government in Qatar have offered the Taliban a power-sharing arrangement in an effort to cease the violence in the war-torn region. Since the US-led troops withdrew from the region, the Taliban has been hesitant to reach a political agreement with the Afghan government and other regional entities.

"Yes, Qatar has been suggested by the government as a potential mediator.” The idea permits the Taliban to share authority in exchange for an end to the country's hostilities "According to AFP, a government negotiator said.

The Taliban took Ghazni, a vital Afghan city 150 kilometres from Kabul that serves as a link between the capital and southern strongholds, on Thursday.

The report has been confirmed by Afghanistan's interior minister. "The situation has been controlled by the enemy," stated spokesman Mirwais Stanikzai. Fighting was still on, he claimed.

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The burden on the country's air force would almost certainly increase as a result of the loss of Ghazni. The air force is critical in assisting Afghanistan's dispersed security forces, who are cut off from reinforcements by road in many areas.

Supporters of the Taliban have proudly displayed the trophies of war that soldiers have recovered in recent days on social media. The insurgents grabbed armoured vehicles, heavy weapons, and a drone from abandoned Afghan military sites.

In less than a week, the Taliban have taken control of eleven provincial capitals across the country. The Taliban have taken control of most of northern and western Afghanistan. It now controls only a handful contested cities, all of which are dangerously close to surrendering to the Taliban.

As they make quick gains in the region, Taliban insurgents have stepped up their onslaught against Afghan security forces. So far, the Islamist fundamentalist group has gained control of ten provincial capitals, and the United States has expressed concern that Kabul may fall to militants in three months.

The deteriorating scenario has prompted India to advise its citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country as soon as possible. A special flight was chartered from Mazar-e-Sharif to New Delhi, carrying Indian consulate officials and security officers, as well as a small number of Indian nationals living in and around Afghanistan's fourth-largest city.

After US-led forces began the final stage of their withdrawal from Afghanistan in May, the confrontation between the Afghan government and the Taliban exploded. The withdrawal is set to end later this month after a 20-year occupation.


"We're keeping a close watch on things and are concerned about the security situation deteriorating." Earlier this week, our Kabul mission issued an advisory for Indian nationals, recommending them to fly back to India on commercial aircraft "On Thursday, Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for the ministry of external affairs, said.