Aryan Khan Case: Bjp Functionary Alleges ‘Mastermind’ Sunil Patil ‘Closely Associated’ With NCP

In a unique spin in the cruise drugs event incident, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) functionary Mohit Bharatiya on Saturday accused the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) of being the "ringleader" of the Aryan Khan case, claiming that Sunil Patil, a part of the NCP, was the "ringleader." Patil, according to Kamboj, gave Sam D'Souza the phone number of Kiran Gosavi, an impartial testimony in the matter, and informed him that Gosavi would cooperate with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

During an inquiry into claims of bribery against Narcotics Control Bureau officials, Patil's name came up.

During a media briefing, Bharatiya declared he will reveal the whole scam along with all evidence to back it up. Without identifying any political group or NCP official Nawab Malik, Kamboj claimed that the whole nation is surrounded by a fake narrative.

Malik has been making significant claims against Wankhede and NCB for the previous three weeks, citing their alertness, investigative anomalies, and knowledge about the officer's faith. Malik has expressed severe concerns about Kiran Gosavi, who is experiencing significant changes, and Bharatiya Janata Party office-bearer Manish Bhanushali's handling of cruise drug party suspect Aryan Khan.

Sunil Patil, according to Bharatiya, is the mastermind behind everything. He has been a member of the NCP since its formation. He is from Dhule and has been a member of the group for the past 20 years. He additionally alleged that Patil was a close acquaintance of Rishikesh Deshmukh who is the son of the lately imprisoned ex-home minister Anil Deshmukh.

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Patil had approached D'souza with knowledge about the cruise party where narcotics would be ingested, according to the Bharatiya Janata Party politician. On October 1, Sunil Patil sent Sam D'Souza a WhatsApp message and made a phone call. He informed D'souza that a cruise party will be held at which narcotics would be used. He claimed to have information on 27 persons and was attempting to make contact with a narcotics department officer. Sam D'souza told Patil after speaking with NCB official VV Singh.

He went on to say that on October 2, Sunil Patil instructed Sam D'souza to connect his contact with a Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) employee who would provide him with more information. Patil gave D'souza Kiran Gosavi's phone number and said Gosavi will cooperate with the authorities. VV Singh will receive all of the information from Gosavi.

Patil and Sam D'souza allegedly communicated to one other in August, with the former boasting about his relationships in Maharashtra's halls of power and with ministers, according to Kamboj.

Nawab Malik the minister of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) responded to the charge by claiming that a veteran of Wankhede's militia is attempting to mislead and divert attention away from the facts, which he plans to unveil on Sunday. In a tweet, he claimed that a representative of Sameer Dawood Wankhede's militia had just staged a Media Briefing, albeit unsuccessfully, to mislead and distract attention away from the truth. Tomorrow he will expose the reality.