Assam CM Burns Illegal Drugs Worth Rs 163 Crore To Send A Message Of Zero Tolerance.

Assam CEO Himanta Biswa Sarma took part in Saturday and Sunday four different events in which drugs worth a total of 163 crores have been blaze in attempts to send a zero-tolerance message against illegal drugs. The events took place in the central Assam district of Diphu, Golaghat, Berhampur and Hajoi. Sarma is mentioned in Hindustan Times. It affects young people, destroys their families, and leads to different social problems."


PTI reported the chief minister's burning of 102 kg of heroin, 1,200 kg of ganja (Golaghat), and 3 kg of opium. In addition, Diphu destroyed 11.88 kilogrammes of morphine, 2.89 kilogrammes of methyl crystal, 3.47 kilogrammes of heroin and 102.91 kilogrammes of cannabis.

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Although social media appreciated the campaign against drugs, Twitter users could not help but mark the event with certain memes.

PTI reports that Sarma said the police had received complete "operative freedom" to deal with drugs traffickers and drug traffickers on Saturday and had requested to "act decisively" to eradicate the drug threat from society. During the Golaghat event, he said, "I wish to give the drug dealers this very clear message that as Chief Minister, I have provided the police with the complete freedom to take the toughest action permitted by law to deal with the crime."

Assam CEO Himanta Biswa Sarma called for a policy of zero tolerance for drug traffickers and state dealer operators and police officers to "act decisively" to remove the drug risk from society.


Sarma participated in the 'Seized Drugs Disposal' programmes where illegal drugs and psychotropic substances are publicly incendiaries.

 With an increase of R. 5,000 crore per year in trafficking in illegal drugs in Assam, the Chief Secretary on Sunday called upon the police to fight drugs relentlessly. He also stressed the necessity to rehabilitate reformed drug dependents correctly and led the Departments of Health and Social Welfare to work in this respect together.


He claimed that the struggle against drugs was three-way: first, to monitor the supply chain and, finally, to curb the supply network.

After that meeting, the campaign against drug trafficking has accelerated. It adds that "strong intelligence networks and sources of culture" are essential to tackle this issue, given that 'people within government' are also engaged in such racks as a consequence of easy money.


He said that many insurgent outfits used drug-addicted young people as their cadres, although they did not belong to the ULFA.

Sarma said that although the police must do something challenging against the criminals, they must apply laid down rules. They pointed out that people want drug dealers to be shot dead rather than arrested.

Sarma said he urgently called upon the police to apply the most rigid laws to curb the threat of drugs as it destroys the state's social fabric and turns the whole generation into obscurity.

The chief minister told reporters in Diphu that, since his government took office two months ago, medicines valued at Rs 163 have been seized, and 1,493 people have been held.