Bitter Battle Ends-Elevation For Navjot Singh Sidhu In Punjab Congress

The Congress appointed Sidhu Sunday president of the Punjab congress by drawing curtains to the ongoing feud between Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu. The nomination will be implemented immediately, said Congressman KC Venugopal in his press release. Sidhu has openly rebelled against Captain for a long time, the rift between Punjab's chief minister Amarinder Singh and Sidhu. The High Command of Congress tried to reach the Congressional leaders in both parties to stop the fort.

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Punjabi CM will accept all strategies, CM says 

Before the reform of the state unit, 10 MLAs issued joint declarations in support of Captain, stating that Sidhu was a celebrity and an asset to the party. Still, the rift was created by public criticism of his party.


It was a formulation that many insiders knew was that Sidhu would be raised as head of the State Unit of the Party, Amarinder Singh will remain the CM for the next election. Sidhu met Sunil Jakhar on Saturday, who had previously been the party head of the state unit.

Sonia Gandhi had met with Amarinder Singh last week, and Punjab Secretary General Harish Rawat of the Congress met on Friday. Sonia Gandhi. After Sidhu also met, Rawat reiterated that Captain is not a substitute as the CM faced in the polling state. The Punjabi people, who are not very experimental with political leadership, have received his governance well.

Amarinder Singh did not support the rise of Sidhu when he wrote to Sonia Gandhi that raising a Jat Sikh as a representative for the Hindu community would upset senior leaders.


He maintained, however, his official position that any decision taken by the High Command was welcome. However, captain reports told Harish Rawat he would not meet with Sidhu until he apologized publicly for tweets against the Chief Minister.

The Congress Party yesterday (18 July) designated Sidhu as new President of the State Unit, reports The Hindustan Times, in what would put an end to the long-standing battle between congressman Navjot Singh Sidhu and Punjab's CM (CM) Amarinder Singh.


Sidhu is said to have developed as head of the party's state unit, and Singh will remain the CM face for the forthcoming elections, scheduled for early 2022.

It is worth noting that Singh met Sonia Gandhi last week personally. Gandhi met with the Punjab General Secretary Harish Rawat and Sidhu on Friday (16 July). After the meeting, Rawat stated that the new Singh should not replace the CM's face.


In the meantime, Singh did not favour the rise of Sidhu to the position of President of a party in the State. Singh stressed in a letter to Gandhi that raising a Jat Sikh to the post alleges senior officials of the Hindu community.

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