BJP Legislators Call Off Strike; Some MSRTC Workers May Continue Strike

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmakers Gopichand Padalkar and Sadabhau Khot, who had been spearheading the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) workers' protest, declared that they are putting it off a day after the state administration announced a salary raise for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MMSRTC) employees. Nevertheless, at Azad Maidan, a minority of the State Transport (ST) personnel who are adamant about the industry's merger with the state administration are anticipated to continue their protest.

The state administration declared a pay raise for state transportation employees who have been on strike for the previous two weeks, ranging from $7,200 to $3,600. Padalkar and Khot, who headed the State Transport protesters, had postponed their verdict on Wednesday and asked for additional time to consult with the State Transport employees, who were camping at Azad Maidan.

Employees were consulted by politicians at Azad Maidan until late in the night. Employees, on the other hand, were split into two groups. Although several were pleased with the wage increase, others vowed to keep the protest going until the corporation was integrated into the state legislature.

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Padalkar said they spoke with employees at Azad Maidan on Thursday and urged them they needed to take a position following the administration's last meeting. The protest has been called off. They are free to continue their strike because they cannot compel them to do so. They will not resist anyone who wishes to keep the strike going.

Furthermore, Khot stated that the employees should embrace the pay raise as a success and prepare for another struggle. He stated that they did not make their selection right away. They passed the night at Azad Maidan talking with the employees. They're still with the employees, but he thinks they should embrace the raise and prepare for another struggle.

Anil Parab, the Transport Minister, has urged the employees who are presently on protest to come back to duty. Their desire for a merger, he claimed, was essential to secure regular salary payment and pay raises, which the administration had previously done. On Thursday, Parab stated that he believes they should abandon the phrase merger for the time being. They've given employees a raise and promised to pay them on schedule each month. They can appeal to the court-appointed panel about the merger. Most staff, he continued, would like to return to work. He went on to say that they'll keep track of how many staff return to their jobs by noon tomorrow. The Organization will then determine its next line of action.

Padalkar stated that employees have the freedom to reject the administration's proposal and that they cannot be forced to do so because the strike was spontaneous. He explained that if the administration has taken two moves ahead, employees must now determine whether or not to accept it; this is their prerogative. They can't make the workers do anything. They talked to the staff, and some were thrilled with the raise, while others wanted the merger.