Congress’ Assertiveness And Focus On Bihar Reflects Through Kanhaiya’: Experts

The fact that Kanhaiya has joined the Congress is an important event. Together with Tejashwi and Chirag, the youngsters might have a plethora of viewpoints with which to identify to bolster the anti-BJP opposition.

Kanhaiya Kumar's admission to the Congress is primarily seen as an attempt to revitalise the party in a condition in which it has suffered for over three decades and has largely relied on the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD). There's further to it than that, though.

Given the current condition of Bihar politics, youngsters may find themselves in the driver's seat, dictating a current fad in line with the state's largely younger generation. With nearly 58 per cent of Bihar's inhabitants under the age of 25, the biggest in the country, it has the potential to be a powerful force that cuts across class and religion if correctly channelled.

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Kanhaiya Kumar who is 34, has joined Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, 31, and Chirag Paswan, 38, in the political arena. Now experience will show if the three can unite on a single agenda, although if they don't, they've all demonstrated a desire to engage with the state's youth through their great oratory talents and speaking in their native tongue.

Bihar's inhabitants reached 10.40 crore in 2011, with a density of 1106, according to the 2011 survey, and is expected to rise further in the next census. With roughly 57.4% of the inhabitants under the age of 25, the youth will undoubtedly be able to sway the election in their favour. Women account for 57.9% of the youth population.

As a result, Kanhaiya's inclusion in Congress represents a big development. Together with Tejashwi and Chirag, the millennials might have a plethora of voices with which to identify to reinforce the anti-BJP opposition.

Social strategist Professor Nawal Kishore Choudhary said that if the CPI follows the path of the Congress, Kanhaiya believes it is sensible to embrace the party right away. CPI must likewise have no grounds for complaint. It is a symptom of the Congress's new leadership's confidence at the federal level, which is displayed even in Punjab and is now pursuing even further. The Bihar Congress has indeed been without a leader for years and years, and the party has decided to project Kanhaiya, who might ask for a due proportion of the anti-NDA vote and start competing even inside the non-BJP opposition, which, like the BJP, faces stiff competition for the front seat in Bihar.

He claimed that the Congress, with no one to fill the vacancy among state leaders in Bihar as the RJD and the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) experienced a hereditary change in leadership, chose Kanhaiya intending to catch the attention of the state's enormous millennial power with a major shift.

DM Diwakar, the previous director of the AN Sinha Institute of Social Studies, saw it as a constructive move by the Congress to capitalise on the opening presented by Kanhaiya to take on the BJP while also having a presence in the non-BJP opposition.