Countdown To Pmc Polls: Poorly Developed Sra Schemes, Parking Issues Irk Residents In Pune Cantonment

The rich-poor dichotomy is captured in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) administered areas underneath the Pune Cantonment assembly segment, with native population concerns changing depending on the regions under it.

The Pune Cantonment is made up of regions that are under the jurisdiction of both the Pune Cantonment and the Pune Municipal Corporation. Plenty of the areas included in these zones are ancient, with little room for major municipal initiatives, while mass transportation projects such as the Metro rail will assist inhabitants in locations such as Bund Garden Road and DP Road. The tragedy is that no existing residential buildings have been upgraded or redeveloped in the last five years.

Bhavani Peth and Dhole Patil wards, and a piece of the Kasba-Vishrambaug Wada city office, are the ward administrations that cover Camps.

On the one hand, luxury neighbourhoods such as Boat Club and Koregaon Park exist, but wholesale markets can be found in Bhavani Peth and significant slums can be seen on Tadiwalla Road, which was highlighted during Covid as the number of cases increased dramatically.

The congestion at Bhavani Peth, intrusions, and badly built SRA developments, as well as a lack of water, are all severe challenges.

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Sanjay Lalvani, a fifty-five-year-old entrepreneur who lives on Boat Club Road, said that with so many new companies coming in, there is a serious parking problem. Even though the river is a boon to us, the annual emergence of hyacinth creates a mosquito problem for which the PMC has done nothing.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made inroads into areas that have traditionally been dominated by Congress, and both parties now have an adequate proportion of elected members from these districts.

Numerous allegations of civic malpractice have been levelled against the Bhavani Peth ward office. Frauds are allegedly being perpetrated in this ward, according to the opposition leaders, with invoices being provided for labour that has not been completed.

In May of this season, a contractor presented billing for sewage pipeline work that had not yet been completed. In another case, monies were set aside for a particular project but were later used for something else.

Following the initial wave of the Covid surges, slums along Tadiwala road and Kashewadi in Bhavani Peth recorded the largest number of deaths. PMC had to act as though it were in a war. In addition, PMC's transmittable disease centre, the Naidu Hospital, as well as private institutions like Ruby Hall and Jehangir, are all located in a similar region.

All of the city's conventional instructional powerhouses are located here, including minority-aided and independent English medium schools.

According to Rajesh Shah, a forty-one-year-old entrepreneur, residents on Bund Garden Road encounter a variety of issues, including traffic bottlenecks and encroached walkways. Individuals park their cars anywhere because there are important hospitals in the region. Even rubbish collection is ineffective.

Asmita Nair, a local bank employee, claimed there are numerous concerns in the region, including road construction and poor rubbish management. Congestion and street vendors are a problem. Walking on the highways is challenging.