DDMA Rules Out Lockdown; Dine-In Services In Restaurants Likely To Be Prohibited

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has opted against implementing a blanket shutdown in the Capital in the wake of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases but has stated that some extra limitations may be implemented without harming the public. As per the insiders, dine-in eateries are expected to be restricted in the days ahead, but takeout would be permitted.

At a conference of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Monday, the conclusion was made not to enforce a shutdown.

According to a senior source, everyone at the DDMA conference concurred that the rising positive, hospitalisation, and death rates were concerning. Further limits, which do not harm individuals, are likely to be adopted to counteract these developments. There will be no shutdown.

Everyday Covid-19 cases have been increasing in Delhi, with 22,751 single-day diagnoses recorded on Sunday, with a positive rate of 23.5 per cent, but with comparatively low hospitalizations and speedier healing. On Sunday alone, more than 10,000 patients were cured of the coronavirus.

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Moreover, even though Delhi had over 60,000 active patients, just about 1,800 units in specialist Covid-19 facilities were filled on Sunday.

The Delhi government, comprising Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, has urged the citizens not to worry over the present Covid-19 issue.

On Monday, the DDMA evaluated the new circumstances and held intensive conversations with specialists before settling on additional curbs rather than a Capital-wide closure. The DDMA conference was led by Anil Baijal, who is the lieutenant governor of Delhi, and was joined by Chief Minister Kejriwal, ministers, high officials, and specialists.

On Sunday, the city of Delhi recorded 17 Covid-related mortality, the highest in a single day from the 16th of June 16 last year. On the 28th of December, the Covid-19 positive rate in Delhi has been less than 1 per cent.  The testing positivity percentage has already reached its highest level since the 9th of May of last year when it reached 21.67 per cent.

During the preceding Covid outbreak, almost twenty thousand cases each day were reported in Delhi on May 7th. In the period, 341 people had died as a result of Covid, with 20,000 healthcare systems available.

On the 8th of January, Delhi recorded 20,000 cases, but barely seven fatalities, even though Covid-19 sufferers were occupying 1,500 beds.

Kejriwal remarked in a press conference on Sunday that if everybody wears a mask, there is no requirement for a widespread shutdown. The Delhi Chief Minister stated that the government does not intend to enforce a shutdown and has no intentions to do so. They want the wave to recede as quickly as possible, with the fewest possible restrictions. They would not want to jeopardise anybody's ability to earn a living.

Officials have implemented weekend and nighttime curfews, and privately owned businesses have been encouraged to guarantee that at least half of their employees work from residence. Except for those working in crucial and emergency operations like firefighting, prisons, water system, and healthcare, all Delhi administration workers have been requested to work remotely.