Delhi Court Rejects Bail Plea Of ‘Bulli Bai’ App Creator Niraj Bishnoi

A court in Delhi has turned down the bail application of Niraj Bishnoi, the accused founder of the Bulli Bai application, stating that the alleged individual has aimed numerous female journalists from a specific society to be mistreated and disrespected on a public portal, which will undoubtedly harm peace and unity.

Niraj Bishnoi's bail petition was rejected by Dharmender Rana who is an Additional Sessions Judge, who noted that given the nature of the offence, the severity of the accusations, and the fledgling phase of the inquiry, he didn't even find any value in the motion and it was consequently dismissed.

The court stated that in the matter at hand, the accused defendants targeted roughly 100 female journalists from a particular group, abusing and insulting them publicly.

The conduct will undoubtedly harm social harmony in a community where women have been idolised since ancient times, and any effort to disapprovingly demean them will elicit fierce opposition from the general community, according to the court.

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The court observed that the applicant accused's actions cannot be condoned by any civilised community and that the claimed offence's mode of operation shows precise thought and skilful implementation.

The court also stated that the candidate Bishnoi's snarky behaviour in attacking female reporters from a specific community on social media, utilising insulting nicknames with derogatory communitarian overtones, is not just an affront to the core of womanhood, but also an approach intended to enrage enthusiasm, induce ill will among societies, and disrupt peaceful coexistence.

The alleged candidate is facing significant allegations, according to the court.

The probe is at a preliminary stage, according to the court's decision of January 29th. The petition at hand has no grounds in their opinion.

The Delhi Police rejected Niraj Bishnoi's bail application on Tuesday, claiming that the investigation into the suspected inventor of the Bulli Bai application is still in its early stages.

The wording of the alleged's Twitter accounts was insulting, according to Irfan Ahmed, a Public Prosecutor Advocate, who represented Delhi Police. The alleged, along with others, were utilizing slurs such as Buli and Suli against the girls of a certain group.

Irfan Ahmed, the accused's lawyer, also claimed that the accused utilized his Twitter name to attack women from a certain group. Just one victim has been found thus far, and there are many more who have yet to be discovered.

Niraj Bishnoi's lawyer, L Ojha, said that he had been detained as a suspect. Although it is a bailable crime, he was charged underparts of the IT Act at his disclosure. His client did not utilise any insulting language on the Twitter handle that was used in the commission of the offence. He further claims that section 153A, which is also included in the FIR, is for peace and unity. There is no organization or society behind the complaint; it is made by an individual.

Previously, the Magistrate court had denied Niraj Bishnoi's bail plea, claiming that the accused's Application was used to wage a vilification campaign against women, featuring disparaging language and offensive material with communal connotations.