ED Questions Nawab Malik; Sharad Pawar Alleges Misuse Of Central Agencies

About a money-laundering investigation against criminal don Dawood Ibrahim and his group, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) started asking Nawab Malik, the Maharashtra minister on Wednesday morning.

Sharad Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), slammed the Government over the questioning, saying it was just another instance of the abuse of central agencies. He said they were aware that his party colleague Malik would be persecuted since he spoke out against the Bharatiya Janata Party-led national administration.

According to sources familiar with the situation, ED officers visited Malik's home and urged him to participate in the investigation. According to the report, Malik is being questioned regarding the acquisition of a property from one of the 1993 Mumbai bombings prisoners.

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Malik has been a prominent opponent of the Bharatiya Janata Party for allegedly misusing government agencies, particularly the ED, against Shiv Sena politicians and their relatives.

Malik's interrogation, according to Pawar, had no fresh information. He stated Malik was publicly criticising the Centre. They were certain that he would be hounded. It's not difficult to connect a Muslim political employee to Dawood. While he was the chief minister, he was also accused of similar things. A hostile climate was established against him, which lasted for almost a quarter-century. By abusing authority, people can be linked to a name, harassed, and defamed. In this scenario, the same thing is happening.

Malik was not issued any notification or summons, according to NCP legislator Supriya Sule. She is not shocked by the ED's move, given the way Nawab was releasing revelations, as they have been receiving warnings via tweets and claims. Regrettably, politics has devolved to this point.

The questioning, according to Sanjay Raut, leader of Shiv Sena, is a challenge to the state administration. Malik has never stopped speaking out against injustice and exposing it. As a result, the ED is being dispatched to such individuals. Malik is a Cabinet minister who has been detained by ED officers, posing a difficulty for Maharashtra. They were optimistic that he would return home that evening.

About the Rs 22,842 crore banking fraud allegation, Raut claimed he will expose individuals from government agencies who are allegedly hiding Rishi Agarwal, the proprietor of ABG Shipyard. RishiAgarwal, who is he? In the administration, there is a driving force behind all of this. He would reveal all of these issues in the following days, no matter what the repercussions are. All of the policemen will be exposed by him. He would speak out against unfairness and for the country's benefit. He also stated that he would uncover the central agencies, demonstrating how empty they are and how they are collapsing under the pressure of the governing party to silence the opposition.

Ram Kadam, a Bharatiya Janata Party official, dismissed the accusations, alleging that Malik bought a piece of property for pennies from an assistant to Ibrahim. He claimed that the administration was preparing to confiscate the land. Notwithstanding this, the state administration and governing party officials have expressed their displeasure with the situation, calling it a vendetta.