Everything You Need To Know About National Handloom Day

National Handloom Day is celebrated where the beginning of Swadeshi Andolan started on August 7, 1905. The textiles Union Ministry will celebrate this day this year with a national-level handloom expo at Dilli Haat in the national capital, Delhi.

Every year, National Handloom Day is celebrated on 7th August from 2015 in the achievement of Swadeshi Andolan that started in 1905 on the same day. The first National Handloom Day was addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai. In the episode of Mann ki Baat that got aired on 25th July, Prime Minister Modi talked about how important handlooms are and support will be given to weavers and artisans to boost this industry, primarily the khadi production by the community of Bhunkar and its consumption. It has been urged by Prime Minister Modi to his listeners to buy handloom items from rural places.

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Prime Minister Modi reiterated himself on Saturday while interacting online and tied up his vision for the handloom industry with that of the vocal for local initiative. Khadi was forgotten once by the people, and now it has become a trend and brand. Now that the 100 years of independence are getting completed, now is the time to strengthen the spirit of Khadi for independence. We have to be vocal for the locals for a self-independent India, tweeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Why the day is celebrated?

National Handloom Day is celebrated to start the Swadeshi Andolan movement on August 7, 1905. The movement let the Indians encourage wearing clothes woven and made by indigenous communities thread by their own hands and not to go with foreign-made clothes and apparel.

We appreciate and respect the handloom industry on this day and highlight what the sector has contributed to the development of the socio-economic of our country. We make sure to keep our handloom heritage protected and in the empowerment of handloom workers and weavers financially and maintain pride in their beautiful craftsmanship, stated by the government.

How the day will be celebrated this year?

National Handloom Day will be celebrated by the Union ministry in 2021 with a national handloom expo that will be conducted at Dilli Haat in the national capital which will run from August 1 to August 15.

Nirmala Sitharaman, Union finance minister participated in the celebrations of this day in Ponduru village of Andhra Pradesh in Srikakulam district and the foundation has been laid for the Khadi Artisans Group Workshed.

The cheque of Rs. 18 lakh has been handed by Sitharaman for Andhra Fine Khadi Workers Development Association for the empowerment of artisans. To honor and respect the spirit of the country’s handloom department and industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the audience to move forward in the industry with the message “nation comes first”.