Ex-CAG Vinod Rai Tenders Apology To Sanjay Nirupam In Defamation Case

Vinod Rai, the ex-Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), has issued an apology to Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam in reaction to a defamatory suit filed by the latter, alleging that the former was one of those who compelled him to leave then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's title out of the state auditing process on 2G spectral efficiency.

Nirupam was among the Members of Parliament that allegedly pressed Rai in 2014. Rai admitted in an affidavit submitted before a Delhi court that his accusations about Nirupam in television appearances, journals, and other media were false. He said he came to the realization he had accidentally and incorrectly discussed Shri Sanjay Nirupam as being one of the MPs who pressed him to maintain the then-Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's identity out of another CAG document on 2-G Spectral efficiency all through the conferences in the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) or even on the outskirts of the JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee), etc., in answers to comments presented to him by the journalists.

Rai claimed that his accusations regarding Nirupam were false. He stated that he understands the grief and anguish that his words have brought to Shri Sanjay Nirupam, his relatives, and his supporters and that he will want to express his sincere regret.

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Nirupam stated on Twitter on Thursday that the ex-CAG Vinod Rai has eventually offered him an unconditional apology in a defamatory lawsuit brought by him in MM Court, Patiala House, New Delhi the present day. He must immediately apologise to the country for all of his false allegations on 2G and charcoal burner assignments made by the former Congress-led UPA (United Progressive Alliance) administration.

Nirupam also released a video in which he claims Rai wrongly accused him of pressuring him. Rai's CAG findings on the 2G spectrum and charcoal burner assignment, he said, were rubbish. The court also stated that there was no proof of a swindle despite multiple hearings spanning seven years on the 2G allotment, according to Nirupam. He went on to say that the whole storey was falsified and that Vinod Rai owed the entire country an apology for the fake claims.

As a member of the PAC, which scrutinises the CAG findings, Nirupam claimed he constantly asked Rai probing queries about his assessments. He interrogated him on his allegation of a 1 lakh crore fraud in these distributions. By making baseless allegations against him in his book and on TV broadcasts, he intended to settle a score with him because he could never prove his report and confirm the charges of the frauds in those assignments. Rai, according to Nirupam, would inform others that he tormented him at PAC sessions by shouting him names. He, on the other hand, had nothing towards him. He stated that they are both carrying out their responsibilities.

Ex-telecom minister A Raja and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leader Kanimozhi were convicted in the 2G frequency fraud case by a special court in 2017.

Rai phoned Nirupam's lawyer and offered remorse after he launched the defamation suit in 2015, according to Nirupam. He went on to say that he stood fast on the unequivocal apologies.

Rai declined to react when contacted by HT.