Gandhi's Totally To Blame For Congress Rout In Punjab: Amarinder

On Monday, Captain Amarinder Singh blamed the Gandhis for the Congress's loss in the Punjab assembly polls, stating that the congress was well-positioned in the state until he was deposed as chief minister.

Captain Amarinder Singh took shots at the Navjot Singh Sidhu, pretentious state Congress president and the dishonest Charanjit Singh Channi, who substituted him as Chief Minister, in a statement released a day after the Congress Working Committee (CWC) assessed the party's defeat in five states.

Captain Amarinder Singh quit the Congress after being ousted as Chief Minister last year and formed the Punjab Lok Congress.

He chastised the CWC for attempting to pin the Congress' loss in Punjab on him rather than graciously recognising their faults.

He mentions bad accomplishments in other states as an example.

He stated that the Congress had lost not just in Punjab, yet also in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, and Goa, and that the Gandhis were solely responsible for the party's humiliating setback.

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People all around the nation have lost trust in the Gandhis' leadership, he claimed, reference to Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, as well as Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, all of whom are members of the Congress party.

Sunil Jakhar, the previous Punjab Congress chairman, challenged Channi's nomination as Punjab Chief Minister on Monday, criticising a senior party leader for apparently characterising him as an asset.

In the recently concluded assembly polls, the Congress received just 18 members, while the Aam Aadmi Party won 92 seats in an Assembly of 117.

Several prominent figures inside the Punjab Congress, according to Captain Amarinder Singh, are attributing the party's poor results in the state on internal fighting as well as Navjot Sidhu's anti-party remarks.

In a declaration released in Chandigarh, he stated that the party created its coffin in the neighbouring state when it opted to endorse an unstable and arrogant figure like Sidhu and choose a corrupt guy such as Channi as chief minister only months before the election.

According to him, Congress has no future underneath Gandhi's leadership.

Captain Amarinder Singh claimed that the CWC figureheads who claimed there was powerful anti against his administration had comfortably overlooked that he had managed to win each election for the group since 2017, along with the civic body elections in 2021 February, merely seven months before his unceremonious abolishment.

He claims that these officials are only sycophants who are attempting to hide the household by shifting the blame and obfuscating the truth.

He felt that Congress has no future in its current form.

Favouring Sidhu resulted in his demise: Capt.

The actual cause for the setback in Punjab, according to Captain Amarinder Singh, was the party's high leadership supporting and then refusing to rein in members like Sidhu, who tarnished the party's reputation for personal benefit.

The party's upper headquarters joined forces with Navjot and others to discredit me, and in the process, the party was completely discredited. Even though he owed no answer to the CWC or the Congress, Captain Amarinder Singh stated he opted to respond to their remarks to clarify his stance to the citizens of Punjab, toward whom he still felt responsible.