Google To Provide ₹135 Crores As Funds To India

India is the worst affected country by COVID-19  at the moment. The situation is alarming and does not seem to come under control as of now. The governments face hardships in arranging vaccines and other medical facilities to the patients. A lot of patients are losing their lives due to lack of resources. At this devastating time, Google has announced a ₹135 crore(18 million USD) as funds to India in order to fight the pandemic.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai made the announcement on Sunday via Twitter. The total fund also consists of Ad grants worth ₹112 crores. These have been granted to local authorities and non-profit organisations for more language coverage operations. Pichai also stated that he was absolutely devastated to see the situation in India and these funds will be helpful for the worst hit families and will help them to buy essentials.

In an official statement Google mentioned the breakdown of the funds and also said that the funds will help India to get urgent medical supplies like Oxygen cylinders and other necessary equipment.

Highlighting that the best possible way Google can help people is by its main information services like search-engines and google maps to allow COVID search features, which would have information about where to reach out in times of need. Google also stated that it is functioning  with the health ministry of India to support the vaccine awareness initiatives and to make the situation better.

Global companies like Microsoft and Amazon have  also decided to provide assistance to India during these testing  times. Amazon India is procuring over 1,500 oxygen cylinders and other necessary equipment. Amazon India will donate this to hospitals and medical facilities in partnership with other non-profit organisations like Concern India, Swasth and various  impact organizations including Sattva Consulting and ACT Grants. Most of these shipments are expected to reach India by April 30.