Green Fungus Case Reported: What Is It? Everything To Know

A Covid-19 warrior of 34 years old got Green Fungus infection in Indore and then air ambulance took him to Mumbai for treatment by air ambulance, a senior doctor reported on Tuesday.

The patient got diagnosed with Green Fungus (Aspergillosis) infection in his sinuses, lungs and blood, the first and only case ever reported in India. Not only Green, White, Black and Yellow infections have also been reported from different places.

What to know about Green Fungus?

Green Fungus is considered Aspergillosis which is a common type of mold that lives outdoors and indoors. Many people breathe the virus every day without getting sick.

However, it is recommended by Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS that it is better identifying mucormycosis by the name and not the color.

The same fungus with different colors can lead to confusion. Unlike Covid-19, mucormycosis is not considered a communicable disease. 95 percent of patients who are diagnosed with the disease are either taking steroids or diabetic. The infection is rare among the people who are neither taking steroids nor diabetic,” he added in the report.

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As per the doctors, research needs to be done on whether the nature of the infection among people who have well recovered from coronavirus distinguish from others.

However, experts differ on the color-coding of the Aspergillus fungus. There’s no color coding of fungal infection, the thing is that it is mucormycosis and aspergillus fungus.

Why is it known as Green Fungus?

There are no color shades of the fungal infection present in the body. The name comes from the color which appears at the time of culture in the lab during testing. Fungus show color in the culture. There are yellow, black, white, and green funguses, but all of these are specimens of Cinderella, mucormycosis, and aspergillus.

Cinderella is a white fungus, while mucormycosis is black and aspergillus gives yellow and green color in different species.

What are green fungus symptoms?

Different viruses can lead to different symptoms. They are the same as asthma which includes breath shortness, wheezing, fever (rarely), cough, runny nose, stuffiness, headache, chest pain, and any other symptom that might come up if the infection reaches from the lungs to any other body part.

Who is at risk?

While exposure to aspergillus every day isn’t a problem, it might lead to serious infection. The types of infection that the fungus can cause are severely seen affecting the people with asthma or cystic fibrosis or lung diseases like tuberculosis. People with a weak immune system are at higher risk of getting invasive aspergillosis.

Is the disease contagious?

It is not dangerous. Aspergillosis cannot spread between people or animals and people from the lungs.

How green fungus infection can be prevented?

It has been suggested by the doctors that the infection can be prevented with good oral hygiene and physical cleanliness. Make sure to wash the hands and face regularly with water and soap, especially if they are exposed to dust or soil.