Has Covid 3rd Wave Arrived? What Government, Latest Projection Reports Say?

Who has announced the arrival of the third wave this month? According to the recent projections made the hit from the hit for India. It will be between August and October. The government has made the reports for 2-3 months to get crucial. 

The world health organization for this week has been set down with alarm. Also, it says that the world has come up with the very advanced level of the third wave for Covid-19 situations. The wave mostly comes up with delta variants of SARS-CoV-2. It’s recognized as the first report from India. 

WHO has made the red flag warning for India. The health ministry said to get a significant fall in cases of the covid-19 instances in India. It has slowed down the chain. In India, the situation of the covid-19 in some of the areas has made it problematic. It includes particular states of Maharashtra, Kerala and the northeast too. 

Government notifies 2-3 months as most crucial. 

Has the third wave of coronavirus strike India? You can get the answer from VK Paul. He says that the present situation for India gets under control for people. But Indian people need to get down, increasing the immunity. It would include the method of the vaccination or natural infection also. Therefore in all manners, the risk remains the same. But the upcoming few months would create a horrible situation for India. It’s getting down as the latest report from the government. 

Third-wave arrived on July 4 

The Dr. Vipin Shrivastava from University of Hyderabad had commented. According to him, the third wave in India would come up on July 4. He added that July 4 would record similar trends as compared to the first week of February. 

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The third wave would hit India with August ending. But it might get down with lesser intensity as compared to the second wave. Meanwhile, Dr. Saminran Panda, as head of epidemiology and infectious disease for ICMR, has commented differently. He says that the third wave isn’t inevitable.


Economists’ reports on the third wave


UBS Securities India told India to declare the risk of the third wave. Its because of the increased presence of delta variants and pace for vaccination. 

SBI has made the early report preparation on it. Following India would witness the third wave of the pandemic with August forenight. 

Difficulty to predict the timings: Devi Shetty


Dr. Devi Shetty recognizes as chairman of the Karnataka Covid expert committee. She said that its difficult to predict the time and severity for the upcoming third wave. People need to respect all the protocols set for the COVID. It includes maintaining social distancing, wearing of mask and more. 

All these things would protect the people. But people should not behave irresponsibly. In this case, it would give no-anti biotic or vaccine to protect. Therefore people need t take care of its responsibility.


It Maybe more severe than 2nd wave: Randeep Guleria

One has made great possibilities for making the third wave. If that comes, then you should make sure to shape it up. Suppose an immune-escape variant for the virus is emergent.