Here’s What India Needs To Know To Prepare For COVID-19 3rd Wave

With Covid cases getting declined every day, the country is recovering fast from the shock of second wave. It might come out to be relief but it is also the alarm bell of coming third wave. Top doctors, scientists, government officials and ministers have already accepted that the third wave can be more dangerous than the second one especially for children. It has also been suggested that intensity of third wave can be severe but if there will be improved health infrastructure along with vaccinations, the death counts can be reduced.

For the better consequences, vaccinations should be on priority, especially for the children who could be the next group in third wave. Rural India has problems with vaccinations which can be challenging as well. Behavioral dynamic of the population also affects the vaccination drives. Children residing in metro areas are aware about the vaccination but the ones in rural areas are influenced by the factors which include trust, perception, beliefs, norms, etc. before taking a shot. The challenge can be mitigated if there will be a proper set up of awareness drives and vaccination mechanisms at rural levels.

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The state and central government are already coming ahead by setting up the Covid task forced so that there will be enough beds for children in different places. There should also be the dedicated spaces for parents so that they could attend the children without any problem, primarily infants in case of an emergency. It is expected that India will procure 2.17 doses between August and December 2021 along with this, maintaining a good stock of oxygen concentrators and life-saving drugs which should come up on priority. The health workers and doctors also need to be trained enough so that they could identify the cases needing extra attention and the ones that don’t to save human power and time.

More than half of the population is infected during the second wave as the positivity rate was four times more than the first one. Also, various cases were not even confirmed as there were no tests performed. This is the sign that indicates most people have developed the antibodies already. Additionally, vaccination is something that will increase the immunity, Because of these, only minimum people will be at risk of getting infected to the virus. If people continue taking strong measures and precautions, there are chances that the third wave will be managed without any tension.

On the positive side, it is believed that the third wave will be handled the best by the health authorities such as workers and hospitals and government officials as the devastating second wave has taught everyone a lesson. Most of the population has suffered from the infection, some recovered and some died. We all will tackle the third wave robustly by taking all the major precautions. It is essential for the people to continue to maintain Covid appropriate behaviour tightly. All of these together should help and see up getting through it.