How Was PM Modi Allowed In The US Despite Having Taken Covaxin? Shiv Sena Questions

The Shiv Sena questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's travel to the United States, wondering how he was permitted to enter the country after taking doses of Covaxin, a vaccine that has yet to be acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO). The party asked how distinct immunisation requirements for the general people and the prime minister for international travel could exist.

Sanjay Raut, a Shiv Sena MP, wrote in his weekly column ‘Rokthok' in the party newspaper Samana that Modi must be pleased that he was able to travel abroad after such a long time.

“Covishield is known around the world. Those who have received the Covaxin vaccine, on the other hand, are in a pickle because they are no longer permitted to travel to several American-European countries. So, how did Modi, who has taken Covaxin dosages, get to travel in America? Several students and businesspeople were barred from travelling because they had taken Covaxin doses. If we point out that such restrictions apply only to ordinary people, not the powerful, the BJP will criticise us, claiming that under Modi, anything is possible. Who will be able to stop Modi?”

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Furthermore, Raut claimed that the BJP is amusing itself in Maharashtra by levelling unfounded claims against the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government. He claimed that the BJP leaders were filling the hole left by the closure of theatres and auditoriums, which starved people of amusement. The federal authorities such as the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are assisting the opposition BJP in their aim of delighting the people, he said.

Ex BJP MP Kirit Somaiya makes bogus accusations against an MVA minister every morning. He then goes on a survey to that minister's area. Various opposition figures in Maharashtra, such as Madhu Dandavate, Madhu Limaye, and George Fernandes, have embarrassed previous governments. Earlier Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay Gandhi had to deal with the consequences, but what is unfolding now is unprecedented in Indian politics, according to Raut.

The BJP called Raut's comments on Modi's tour immature. “Their query about Modi's trip to America reveals their incompetence and exhibits their childishness,” BJP member Ram Kadam stated. “We have been denouncing the MVA administration and filing complaints based on evidence. If the MVA leaders are innocent, why are they afraid to confront the central agencies?” Kadam was perplexed.

Raut has his sights set on Chandrakant Patil, the state head of the BJP. Patil recently responded to an article by writing a rejoinder to Saamna, criticising Raut for his anti-Patil statements.“The message submitted by Chandrakant Patil was featured in our newspaper. Sanjay Raut was serving as a mouthpiece for Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) head Sharad Pawar, according to Patil. Raut, he claimed, lacked credibility inside the Shiv Sena. He also accused me of being the guy who shattered the Shiv Sena-BJP partnership. In the first place, how can a man with no credibility shatter such an alliance? This simply demonstrates their ignorance,” Raut remarked.

The Shiv Sena and the BJP fought the Maharashtra elections together in 2019. The issue arose when the Sena demanded sharing the position of chief minister along with the BJP. Because the BJP rejected, the Sena joined up with opposition parties such as the Congress and the NCP to establish the government. Raut was a key figure in forming this coalition, and the BJP has been focusing its firepower on him.