India To Vaccinate All Afghanistan Returnees With Free Polio Vaccines

The Union Health Minister Mr Mansukh Mandawiya announced on Sunday that India has decided to gratuitously vaccinate Afghanistan returnees against polio as an anti-wild polio action. The minister also posted a photograph of those who returned from the airport in Delhi.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are the world's only two countries that are still endemic to polio.

Following the Taliban raising, the World Health Organization (WHO) alarmed the health situation in Afghanistan by saying that the battle in that country has left numerous people exposed to famine and disease.

WHO, in collaboration with partners, is supporting the provision of health services to returning Afghans and has increased vaccination efforts in border regions to ensure that every child under the age of ten gets vaccinated against polio and measles.

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Afghanistan, which the Taliban took control of a week ago. Passengers who arrive here will first be tested for COVID-19 using a real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

The administration has informed ANI that India is allowed to fly two daily planes from Kabul to evacuate its Afghans.

The Indian government then evacuated the stranded Indians and Afghans, who wished to return to India when Taliban control of Afghanistan gained control on 15 August 2021. This was the second time

The Union Minister of Health, Mansukh Mandaviya, stated Sunday that a free polio shot was taken by the federal government to vaccinate returned Afghans with free polio vaccines  OPV, fIPV for a wild police virus. In the wake of a deteriorating safety situation aboard the Afghan capital, following its Taliban take-off, India evacuated 168 individuals on Sunday, including 107 Indians from Kabul in an IAF army transport aircraft.

In the heart of the perilous circumstances in Afghanistan, ITBP officers from the Kabul Airport transported 120 Indians back to Kabul on August 17, including Indian ambassador Rudrend Tandon, the last staff of the Indian Embassy.

The Government nevertheless has made every effort to bring back the Indians and leaders of Afghan Sikh and Hindu groups who dreaded the prosecution of the Taliban.

The Kabul airport was closed to commercial traffic on August 16, but it was reopened to military planes deployed for evacuation on Tuesday by American agencies.

Two additional Indian flying flights arrived earlier on Sunday from Afghanistan's Kabul, including 87 Indians on a special Air India flight.

In two IAF heavy-lift aircraft C-17, the government had previously evacuated 200 people including the Indian envoy and other personnel at its embassy in Kabul after the Taliban took control of Kabul.

Over 40 people returned on Monday, mainly officials at the Indian embassy, from the initial evacuation flight.

The second C-17 evacuated roughly 150 individuals from Kabul on Tuesday, including Indian embassies, officials, safety officers and several stranded Indians.

"We have opted to vaccinate returnees from Afghanistan with free polio vaccinations as a precautionary measure against wild polio vaccines," Mansukh Mandaviya, the Union's health minister, said. Congratulations to the medical personnel for their efforts to ensure public health."