'Indian Diplomats Excellent, They Know What To Do': German Envoy On Ukraine War

Concerning India's stance on the Ukraine-Russia conflict in global conferences, German Minister to India Walter J Lindner remarked on Sunday that India has outstanding diplomatic competence and that, given the worldwide world order, its ambassadors know what to do.

The German ambassador told ANI that India's foreign service is outstanding and that they know what they're doing. It's not concerning Ukraine, NATO, or EU; it's about the international order as a whole. To tackle it, we must all act together.

On Wednesday, India and 34 other nations voted against a United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning Russia's military operations in Ukraine.

India has already refrained from a formal vote in the United Nations Security Council to seek a UN General Assembly session on the Ukraine issue.

Last week, India, China, and the United Arab Emirates abstained from a US-sponsored vote condemning Russia's military activities in Ukraine. The proposal was vetoed by Moscow.

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Lindner advised keeping an eye on the global order. Do we want this type of enormous, forceful onslaught on a peaceful, democratic neighbour to become the norm? This will create a precedent for future disputes over borders to be resolved by bloodshed. As a result, everyone must unite against Putin and say, —- Stop, Vladimir, stop it.

In response to a question about Germany's NATO attitude, he responded that you could ask Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia who has been lying since Day One, claiming that the military buildup is only a manoeuvre. He stated that he is not invading the country, but rather saving the Russian-speaking residents. After blasting everybody, he claims that our guys are peacekeepers and asks, —- What can they accomplish?" He was dishonest from the start. NATO is a defensive alliance, and we had never been aggressive, invading or attacking anybody.

Three days after Moscow recognised Ukraine's separatist regions - Luhansk and Donetsk - as separate states, Russian soldiers commenced armed actions in Ukraine on the 24th of February.

Several countries, notably the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and the European Union, have condemned Russia's military involvement in Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Moscow. These countries have also promised Ukraine military support in the fight against Russia.

Putin's plan, according to the German Ambassador, was to assault his surrounding nation; he must now stop, and only then could they come up with a solution.

Lindner stated that their position on Russian sanctions is the same as that of other European nations. They claim that their door is wide open to individuals fleeing Putin's conflict for a better life. They have decided, EU, that everybody coming from Ukraine may select whatever nation to enter and they will accept them and provide a space for them. Because of the great solidarity that exists across Europe with these people, everybody must pay a price for Putin's invasion, and they are more than eager to do so. They'll share lodgings and meals with the migrants. It's a crisis, and it's the initial time they've had a land battle since WWII. This is a bad predicament.