Is It Necessary For Afghan Women To Be Part Of The Cabinet? Taliban Leader Replies

The interview with the Taliban spokesperson has been widely circulated on social media, as various countries, human rights activists, and women have expressed doubts about the group's guarantees.

Days after announcing an all-male cabinet for its provisional administration and naming hardliners and globally wanted terrorists as important ministers, the Taliban have stated that women cannot be ministers. Taliban spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi told Tolo News that women should not be ministers and should instead give birth. Women should not be in the cabinet; they should be born instead. Demonstrators for women cannot talk for all Afghan women " the Tolo News spoke to Hashimi.

Taliban spokesman Hashimi questioned the notion when the interviewer said "women are half of society." "However, we do not consider them half-measures. What type of half are you talking about? The half is misdefined in this case. The half indicates that you will just store them in the cabinet. And it's not an issue if you violate her rights,” Hashimi remarked.

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"Has anything except prostitution existed in the previous 20 years, regardless of the media, the United States and its administrative structure?" He asked the anchor of the Tolo News who said that all Afghan women cannot be prostituted.

"I am not referring to all Afghan women. The four women took to the streets to protest. They do not speak for Afghanistan's women. The Afghan ladies are the ones who give life to the Afghan people and educate them in Islamic ideals "The Taliban's spokesman said.

He was alluding to the women who were protesting on the streets of Kabul and other regions, demanding that they be represented in Afghanistan's government and that their right to education and employment be preserved. Many have been violently abused by Taliban fighters, as evidenced by multiple films showing women with bruised faces and being threatened with a gun. According to reports, they were even thrashed by the Taliban gunmen.

The interview has been widely circulated on social media, as various countries, human rights activists, and the women have expressed reservations about the Taliban's guarantees. The Taliban announced women can work "in line with the norms of Islam" and study at university in separate classrooms while wearing an abaya robe and a niqab that covers most of their faces shortly after capturing Kabul last month.

Sheikh Molvi Noorullah Munir, soon after being named Afghanistan's education minister, stated that a PhD or master's degree is not required in the country. Munir is heard saying in a video that went viral through social media. Munir says that "Master's degrees are more valuable today than PhD." You know, the Taliban in command don't hold a Doctorate, MA, or even a high school diploma, and yet they're the largest.

When the Taliban last reigned 20 years ago, it was infamous for its draconian system, which punished women who disobeyed the group's diktats with brutal punishments such as public executions and floggings.