Jaishankar Asks To Cooperate Between Indo-Pacific Countries To Handle Covid-19

India has come out of the second wave of coronavirus disease and is witnessing a strong economic recovery, S Jaishankar Union external affair minister said on Tuesday. He also asked to cooperate between the countries to handle the Covid-19 pandemic and assured that India would lead to growth for the global economy.

The minister mentioned this while addressing to the inaugural session of the Indo-Pacific Business Summit, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with the ministry of external affairs.

“The country has come out of the second wave and will recover well in regards of economy. We all will do the contribution in development of the economy worldwide and we will be part of the resilient and more reliable supply chains that post Covid world needs,” Jaishankar said.

While addressing, Jaishankar also mentioned that because of the pandemic supply chains has been disrupted all over the globe, manufacturing industry is impacted a lot and has also made international trade unpredictable.

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 “The production networks all over the world remain fragile and vulnerable; with the merchandise trade falling globally by 5.7% in the year 2020, if compared to the previous year, and the trade and services have been declined by as much as 15.5% in the same period. The decline has been severe since the year 2009 in merchandising whereas the decline in services trade is the biggest since 1990,” he said.

Stressing over the need to collaborate internationally for improvisation in public health, the minister added that there will not only be the collaborations between the governments but medical and businesses and scientific profession are needed as well.

 “While addressing at G7 summit, Prime Minister Modi has called for adopting ‘one earth, one health’ where India was a guest. Partnerships should be meaningful with advanced technologies, collaboration in pharma and vaccine production, transparency in health information, cap building and for these, private sectors play an essential role,” he further said.

He further added that with Covid-19, people have become a lot more digital and along with it risks comes too. “To make the digital connection strong, both within and between the countries of the Indo-Pacific, is an essential condition for our economic prosperity and development.” the minister said.

“Cyber security, high speed internet, and efficient e-governance will have a more salient place in the conversations of the coming days,” he added.

The three major issues have come up because of the pandemic, the power of the digital, the salience of health, and the importance of building or rebuilding greener. He also said this is the time to think how everything can get greener, as due to pandemic, global economy has slowed down.

“Digital and physical connectivity is essential to support efficient, shorter and diversified risk mitigation, supply chains, enhanced trade facilitation and reduction in the cost of intra-regional trade,” Jaishankar said.

He assured people that various measures have been taken in consideration by the Indian government to improve infrastructure, public health, manufacturing sectors and agriculture.