Jewar Airport: Land Acquisition For The Second Phase To Begin In January

The procedure of acquiring land for phase 2 of the Noida International Airport venture in Jewar will initiate in January next year, according to district government officials familiar with the development. The Uttar Pradesh current regime has indeed accepted the social impact assessment report for the new chapter, which was accepted on the 17th of December.

The local administration and Gautam Buddha University collaborated on the research, which had been sent to the state administration in July, according to officials. RK Tiwari, the chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh, assessed the study on the project's influence on farmers in the state and authorised it on the 17th of December, according to reports.

On the 25th of November, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the Jewar airport. Just after Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) and the civilian terminal at Ghaziabad's Hindon airport, the greenfield initiative is expected to be the biggest in India and the third in the National Capital Region.

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Phase 2 of the Jewar airport will see the construction of a third runway as well as commercial aeroplane upkeep, fixing, and overhaul (MRO) centre. MRO units safeguard an aircraft's serviceability by providing maintenance and inspection services.

The first section, which is expected to be finished soon, is developing two runway pavements, according to officials. The development's first stage, which will be completed in four sections, is expected to be completed by the 29th of September, 2024.

The property for phase 2 will be purchased in the villages of Karauli Bangar, Dayanatpur, Kureb, Ranhera, Nagla Hukum Singh, and Mundhera, according to authorities.

The property acquisition procedure will begin in January, according to Balram Singh, assistant district magistrate (ground procurement), Gautam Budh Nagar. On the 7th, 8th and 10th of January, they will hold camps in the six villages to obtain approval from farmers who are prone to be impacted by the land purchase process. The comments and concerns of people opposed to the project will be recorded to take appropriate corrective action.

 Last year, the state administration handed over 1,334 hectares in Jewar to Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL), a 100 per cent subsidiary of Zurich Airport International AG that was established as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to establish Jewar airport.

According to the agreement, the current regime must give 1,363 hectares to the subsidiary near the current airport venue for the third runway and future expansion.

Moreover, the state administration has turned down farmers from Karauli Bangar village's request to keep their project land. Citizens of Nagla Hukum Singh, whose entire village is to be seized, have also expressed concerns.

The locals have stated that they will make their final decision later.

Mukesh Kumar, who is a farmer from Nagla Hukum Singh village, stated that they will hold a conference with the peasants and then determine whether to file a petition in the high court or contact the state legislature to have our community removed from the venture's scope.