‘Just Stop The Bombing': Ukraine's President Zelenskyy Tells Russia

After a preliminary round of talks, this week generated no headway, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned on Tuesday that Russia must stop shelling Ukrainian cities before genuine discussions on a ceasefire can begin.

Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, encouraged NATO nations to establish a no-fly zone to restrict Russia's air force in an interview held in a heavily secured administrative facility, arguing that this would be a preventative measure instead of an endeavour to drive NATO into a conflict with Russia.

Zelinsky, who has resisted offers to leave Kyiv as Russian troops advance, also stated that if NATO rejects Ukraine's membership possibilities, Ukraine will seek legally enforceable security assurances.

In a dual talk with CNN and Reuters, Zelenskyy laid out his requirements for continued discussions with Russia, saying, - At the very minimum, cease bombing civilians, simply stop bombing civilians, and then take a seat at the negotiating table.

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During his speech, word broke that a Russian missile had hit a television tower at a Holocaust memorial site in Kyiv, murdering a minimum of 5 persons. Missiles hit the centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine's eastern metropolis, earlier on Tuesday.


Ukraine has obtained arms shipments from North Atlantic treaty organization nations to aid in its defence against a full-scale armed invasion launched by Russian soldiers last week, whereas the West has imposed harsh penalties on Russia's economy.

However, Zelenskyy has asked the international community to take more steps, such as implementing a no-fly zone.

It is not about pulling NATO nations into conflict, according to Zelenskyy. The fact is that everybody has been drawn into a war for a long time, and it is not caused by Ukraine, but rather by Russia, which is currently engaged in a large-scale conflict.

Nevertheless, he stated that US Vice President Joe Biden had individually told him that now was not the time to initiate such legislation.

Ukraine has pressured NATO to expedite its membership, a step that Russia has vehemently opposed and claimed as one of its motivations for initiating its campaign.

If its allies are unable to accept Ukraine into NATO because Russia does not want Ukraine to join, Zelenskyy believes they should work out joint security assurances for Ukraine.

This implies that they will maintain their territorial sovereignty, that their borders will be maintained, that they would have specialities with all of their neighbours, that they would be fully safe, and that the guarantors who provide us with security would legally ensure this.

For the discussion, which supposedly occurred in a tightly secured facility, the 44-year-old president was unshaven and dressed in a plain khaki T-shirt, pants, and combat boots.


In what it calls a unique military campaign against its neighbour, Russia has neither achieved swift gains nor conquered large cities.

Although Ukraine has fought alone on the battleground, it has challenged Europe to acknowledge that its security is intertwined with that of the West.

According to Zelenskyy, it is critical to understand that if Ukraine collapses, all Russian forces would be stationed on NATO member nations' borders, and they would face the same dilemma.

He lamented the fact that Europe and the US had disregarded Kyiv's requests for pre-emptive measures before the war began, but praised the influence they were having on Russia today.

Ukraine's friends had pledged financial support throughout the war, but Zelenskyy pushed them to act swiftly.

He stated that they are in a fight each day, that they require assistance each day, and that there is little time for debate.

Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine has stayed in Kyiv to encourage his countrymen over Russia's invasion, which is now on its sixth day, uploading social networking videos and ensuring the public that he, his household, and senior officials have not fled.