Lukewarm Response For Vaccination Against Covid At Private Centres In Thane

In the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), fewer than 2 per cent of the population is now vaccinated in private clinics around the city. While immunisation at government facilities is routine and there is no surplus or deficit of vaccine supplies, the tepid reaction at private facilities has resulted in an oversupply of vaccine supplies.

To make use of the over lakh vaccination doses that remain in storage, private centres now are requesting that booster shots be made accessible to all age groups.

According to the Medical Director of the Siddhivinayak Hospital located in Thane, Dr Amol Gitte, if the booster dosage is made accessible to individuals of all ages, the stock will be depleted quickly. Because there is a growing demand among teenagers for booster dosage, and because we could avoid another wave with the booster dosage in the event of another Covid version.

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In private clinics within the TMC authority, less than 500 vaccine shots were delivered every day after Diwali. In private clinics, less than 200 vaccine shots are currently being provided. In the meantime, around 13,000 vaccination doses are provided every day at govt centres.

The need for booster dosages has also reduced among private athletes. Only 0.47 per cent of the 6.19 lakh people who have received the booster dosage in Thane have chosen private vaccination clinics in the city.

Those who had their first vaccination at a private facility began to prefer free second and booster vaccinations at government clinics. As a result, several private hospitals have substantial vaccination inventories, which will likely lapse by May 2022 due to the 9 months to 12 months expiration date of these vaccine shots.

Only private hospitals with extra stock, according to a physician from a private hospital, would be affected. In the following two months, others will be able to finish the vaccination supply. On certain days, less than 50 people in the city choose private vaccination.

Thane city has the greatest vaccination supply accessible in private centres than govt centres till August of last year. There used to be long lines outside govt offices, but due to a scarcity of vaccines, many people had to get immunised at private clinics. Furthermore, in June and July of last year, numerous housing organizations and private business offices held vaccination campaigns through a private vaccination centre.

Furthermore, there are no big dosages available at government facilities. Dr Prasad Patil, TMC's immunisation officer, stated that from the start, they've only received a specific quantity of pills, which they've distributed depending on demand among the city's wards. There are no vaccine shots in excess since there is a high demand for immunisation. Although the throngs outside vaccination centres have thinned, there is still a continuous stream of people seeking booster shots.

While 79.64 per cent of individuals aged 15 to 18 have obtained the first dosage in Thane, just 5.17 per cent have received the entire vaccination. According to a TMC officer, their attention would now be on people who are refusing to be vaccinated. They need to raise consciousness and reach out to these kids, too. This will assist guarantee that everyone is fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

When compared to adult immunisation, teenage vaccination reaches the target demographic faster.