M-Yoga App Launched By Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Yoga International Day – Know More About The ‘Daily Companion.’

Highlights to know about the M-Yoga app

·      The app comprises various yoga training practice sessions and modules in the format of video and audio.

·      The app is developed under a collaboration with the World Health Organization by Morarji Desai Institute of Yoga, Ministry  of Ayush, Government of India.

·       Customers using Android can download the app from Google Play Store, and it is easily accessible on Apple Store as well.

·      The app is available in different languages like English, French, and Hindi, and in upcoming months, other languages will be added.

·      It has been assured by the developers that the app can be used safely and no data will be collected.

With the mantra ‘yoga se sahyog tak’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday announced launching M-Yoga app, where there will be videos available all over the world in different languages. He added that the app will be beneficial and play a major role in expanding yoga worldwide.

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Collaborating with World Health Organization (WHO), the country has come up with another essential step. Now every person can get the M-Yoga app, which comprises the videos related to yoga training in various languages for people all over the world, PM Modi added while addressing the lead program of International Yoga Day.

He also added further that the app is a great example of ancient science combined with modern technology. “I believe that the app will be beneficial in the growth of Yoga all over the world and will make the motto ‘One World, One Health’ a success,” added the Prime Minister.

The app is in collaboration between the Ministry of AYUSH, the Government of India, and World Health Organization.

Where to look for the M-Yoga app?

It is available to download on the Google Play Store which can be accessed from anywhere all over the world and will be beneficial in regards of yoga to millions of people through video and audio training modules where users can select from different languages.

M-Yoga application available for the age group of 12-65

The app works as the best companion to learn yoga for people age between 12-65 years.

How the app was developed?

The WHO added that the app has been made through extensive international expert consultation and scientific literature review.

Who is in the collaboration?

The app has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and, World Health Organization (WHO).

Will the data remain private?

The app does not collect any data from its users and can be used as a companion for performing yoga for people aged between 12-65 years.

Which are the available languages?

Currently, the app can be accessed in languages such as English, French, and Hindi, with various others coming up in few months.

PM Modi added that even the medical community focuses more on Yoga for medical treatment. “I am sure Yoga will play a preventive as well as a positive role in the healthcare sector,” he said.