Mihir Bhoj Row: Gurjar Leaders Tell Up Govt To Apologise By Oct 30

On weekend (Saturday), representatives of the Gurjar community met under the umbrella of the ‘Rashtriya Gurjar Swabhiman Samiti' to debate the subject of King Mihir Bhoj's statue. The Gurjar elders set an ultimatum of October 30 for the Uttar Pradesh administration to apologise to the community for removing the name "Gurjar" from a plaque put beneath the 15-foot statue of the ninth-century monarch.

Since its unveiling on September 22, 2021, at the Mihir Bhoj PG College in Dadri by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the statue has sparked debate. The Gurjar tribe has been opposing the omission of their caste's identity from an inscription beneath the statue. The king, according to community leaders, pledged allegiance to the Gurjar tribe. The Rajput tribe has also asserted that the ruler is from their clan.

Raj Kumar Bhati, a Gurjar representative stated that by October 30, 2021, the Gujar committee has urged that the Uttar Pradesh administration should publish an apology and place the term ‘Gurjar' before the initials of king Mihir Bhoj on the memorial.

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Raj Kumar Bhati also stated that they will replace the inscription and increase our campaign if the administration does not offer an apology and correct the plaque. The discussion took place in Greater Noida at a research organization.

The Gurjar committee's elders founded the swabhiman Samiti on September 26 throughout a mahapanchayat in Piyawali hamlet in Dadri and convened a session on October 2. Over about 600 persons were arrested for reportedly breaking Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code during the mahapanchayat (CrPC). According to the police, the mahapanchayat's organisers were denied permission to attend an event.

On September 28, 150 persons were arrested after black paint was reportedly smeared across the chief minister's initials on the monument.

Another Gurjar representative, Ravindra Bhati, remarked that if a prosecution was filed for spreading black paint on the monument, a lawsuit should be filed for removing the term "Gurjar" from the monument as well. “Everybody will be equal in the eyes of law,” he stated, adding that a counter-FIR should be filed in this case.

On Saturday approximately 200 individuals from Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh, according to Gurjar members, attended the gathering. They want to convene similar gatherings at the municipal stage in these states and to maintain their campaign.

Four people have been arrested so far for vandalising the chief minister's programme plaque and posters in Dadri. The swabhiman Samiti also requested the release of all those who had been detained.

Conversely, Thakur Dhiraj Singh, president of the Rajput Uthan Sabha in Uttar Pradesh, claimed that the Gurjars' weekend (Saturday) gathering was ideologically driven. He stated that at the gathering, Gurjar community leaders encouraged people not to vote for a particular party, indicating that the programme was politically driven. According to history, monarch Mihir Bhoj is from the Rajput community. He also stated that they encourage citizens not to be misled by the Gurjar authorities.