Mp Congress MLA’s Boycott Of Guv’s Address Has A Message For Kamal Nath

Jitu Patwari, a member of the Madhya Pradesh Congress, is boycotting the governor's speech in the state legislature on Monday to show his discontent with MP Congress head and leader of the opposition Kamal Nath's projection of Sonkatch Member of Legislative Assembly Sajjan Verma as the state's second-string leader.

On Monday, the disagreements between Kamal Nath and Patwari were exposed when Kamal Nath called Patwari's protest inappropriate.  Patwari, on the other hand, met with Kamal Nath on Tuesday in an obvious attempt to put out the political fire.

According to Congress officials, Kamal Nath hosted a gathering of party MLAs on Sunday, and Patwari did not come.

Patwari is dissatisfied, according to a senior Congress official who did not want to be identified since Kamal Nath appears to be elevating Sajjan Verma as the province's second-line leader.

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Patwari, who had been coveting the position of MP Congress Committee president, is feeling neglected, according to the Congress leader, and has declared a boycott of the governor's address on Twitter to indicate his presence in state politics.

Party insiders claim that Kamal Nath, who is focused on reorganising the organisation from the booth to the top, has not given Patwari any responsibilities.

Another party official said that Kamal Nath previously commended Sajjan Verma at a party gathering, saying that the party requires leaders such as Verma, who has a good image and a firm stance against the Bharatiya Janata Party administration's bad policies. Kamal Nath's comment was a clear comment to party leaders who are presenting themselves as second-line leaders. Patwari could have been irritated by this.

Sajjan Verma, a Dalit politician, one-time Member of Parliament (MP), and two-time Member of Legislative Assembly are considered to be connected to Kamal Nath due to his controlled attitude.

Throughout the Malwa farmer revolt in 2017, though, two-time Legislator Jitu Patwari, 49, garnered prominence. He was the man who carried then-Congress President Rahul Gandhi on a motorcycle through Mandsaur, breaking a state government prohibition on lawmakers entering the town after six farmers were slain in an alleged police shooting. Patwari was appointed minister of public affairs, athletics, and higher learning when Congress took power in 2018.

Following Monday's uproar, Patwari attempted to defuse the situation by meeting with Kamal Nath for more than 30 minutes on Tuesday.

Patwari claims Kamal Nath is his idol and that he is nothing at all in comparison to him. He decided to skip the governor's address on his own. In at least 13 instances, politicians and political parties have boycotted the governor's speech to express their displeasure with the continued difficulties of ordinary people.

Patwari, on the other hand, remained silent regarding why he did not attend the Congress MLAs' session on Sunday. When questioned about Sajjan Verma, he stated that Sajjanji is a recognised party leader with whom he does not compete.

According to Congress spokesman Narendra Saluja, there is no competition for the group's second line of command. All of the leaders report to Kamal Nath. Jitu Patwari acknowledged his error and informed Kamal Nath of his position.

However, Bharatiya Janata party officials claim that this is just the beginning, and that owing to the Congress's lack of leadership, factionalism will grow much more.

The Congress is shedding its identity owing to factionalism, according to Govind Singh Rajput, the transport minister who entered the BJP in March 2020 with 22 Congress MPs. Many politicians are troubled with Kamal Nath's unfair behaviour with other party leaders. Patwari is no different. When Nath accepted a Hindu Mahasabha representative into the party, Arun Yadav made a similar comment, claiming that his opinion was not being heeded by the current leaders. As a result, 27 MLAs defected to the Bharatiya Janata Party, a more disciplined party.