‘National Achievement Survey To Facilitate New Strategies, Policies In Post-Pandemic Era’: Educationists

The National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2021 was performed all over the nation on Friday, and according to preliminary estimates from 24 states and union territories (UTs), 96 per cent of educational institutions and 92 per cent of the aimed sampled students engaged in the research study, according to the Union ministry of education. The survey, according to experts and educators, is critical for the post-pandemic age.

Every three years, a survey is undertaken to examine the abilities developed by students in the third, fifth, eighth, and tenth grades. The survey was expected to attract 3.8 million pupils from 1,23,000 schools across 733 districts. According to the government, the National Achievement Survey 2021 was effectively performed throughout the nation, with passionate involvement from institutions and children. According to preliminary figures from 24 states and Union Territories, approximately 96 per cent of selected universities and roughly 92 per cent of targeted sampled pupils in classes 3, 5, 8, and 10 took part in the research.

The most recent poll was performed in 2017, and the next one is slated for 2020. It was delayed till this year owing to the Covid-19 crisis.

Educational institutions were featured in the NAS for the first time for grades 3, 5, and 8. Previously, educational institutions were enrolled in the NAS for class 10. The poll, according to the ministry of education, will assist to evaluate learning pauses and learning experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as help with remedial actions.

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NAS 2021 is the initial accomplishment assessment following the publication of National Education Policy 2020, according to the ministry (NEP). The evaluation will be utilized to compare and contrast students' development based on parameters including process abilities and performance outcomes. The competency-based evaluation system would be infused into NAS 2021, rather than the content and memory-based assessment system envisioned by the NEP 2020.

On Friday, in addition to schoolchildren, subject instructors and school administrators took part in the poll. Tania Joshi, principal from one of the sites, the Indian School in Delhi, said that there were issues such as how did covid affect the system of education and if we consider that knowledge took a background due of online instruction. It also wanted to know about the school's fundamental infrastructure and amenities. The research will be extremely useful in developing post-pandemic plans and regulations.

The NAS 2021 was expected to attract 1,31,000 students from 3,722 schools across Punjab. At least 7,000 children took the examination at 208 administration and independent institutions in the Ludhiana region solely, according to officials.

According to authorities in Tamil Nadu, the poll was performed in only a few regions because most schools were shuttered due to heavy rains that caused flooding in portions of the state.

According to authorities in Assam, the census went off without a hitch. In Assam, KK Choudhury, regional director at CBSE's Guwahati office's NAS control centre, noted that in addition to seventy-four CBSE institutions, state-run academic institutions also participated. Because many of these institutions are in rural areas, authorities in those locations will only be able to give attendance information by Saturday. There was no way to record student information or attendance online. As a result, the postponement was predicted.