New Guideline For International Passengers, 7-Day Home Quarantine Must For All

In response to the increasing spike in Omicron cases, the Authority released a modified regulation for foreign travellers on Friday, mandating seven-day home isolation for all those arriving from overseas. The new policy will take effect on the 11th of January 2022.

Every country in Europe, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Ethiopia, Israel, Hong Kong, Kenya, Congo, Tunisia etc have been included in the category of at-risk nations.

Tourists would be subjected to an RT-PCR test after completing their home isolation, according to the amended guideline. The new policy arrives a day after 125 travellers on a chartered plane from Italy to Amritsar confirmed positive when they arrived at the Amritsar terminal.

The entire guideline can be found here.

1. Before the intended journey, all passengers must provide accurate and complete information in a self-declaration document on the internet Air Suvidha website (, along with the previous 14 days' journey records.

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2. Passengers must present a COVID-19 RT-PCR result that is negative. The diagnostic must have been performed within 72 hours of embarking on the trip.

3. Every traveller must also sign a declaration attesting to the document's validity, or face criminal charges if the report is determined to be false.

4. They could perhaps also start giving an endeavour to the ministry of civil aviation, via the airline company involved, that they will comply by the choice of the suitable administration authority to undertake residence or institutional confinement or self-health tracking, as deemed appropriate before they are permitted to embark on the trip.

5. All passengers who have to be tested upon landing must schedule the test ahead of time on the Air Suvidha Website to ensure that they are tested promptly.

6. Upon arriving at the airport, a random subset of 2 per cent of total flight passengers will be subjected to post-arrival testing. The relevant airlines must identify the 2 per cent of such passengers on each voyage, preferably from various nations.

7. All passengers, including the 2% who were randomly tested on arrival and found negative, would be held in home isolation for seven days before being submitted to RT-PCR testing on their 8th day in India.

8. Travelers must additionally upload the outcomes of a COVID-19 repeat RT-PCR test completed on the eighth day to the Air Suvidha website, which will be supervised by the relevant States or Union Territories. If the results are negative, they will continue to evaluate their wellness for the next seven days.

Before boarding

1. Travellers flying from or transiting through at-risk nations should be advised that they would be subjected to post-arrival screening, isolation if negative, and strict confinement measures if positive, among other things.

2. The airline companies or organizations in question must offer passengers Dos and Don'ts together with their tickets.

3. Following the thermal scanning, exclusively asymptomatic passengers would be permitted to board the plane.

4. All travellers are encouraged to install the Aarogya Setu application on their smartphones.