New Scheme Has Been Launched By Delhi Government For Providing Relief To Families Who Lost Kin

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister launched the scheme on Tuesday, which is Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahatya Yojna for helping financially to the families of people who dies because of Covid-19. Under the scheme, the one-time compensation of Rs. 50,000 will be given to the families as their kin. On a monthly basis, Rs. 2,500 will be given to the families where the earning member is no more. Children, whose parents are no more will get the monthly allowance of Rs, 2,500 till they turn 25. The benefits will be additionally added with the ongoing social welfare scheme of the Delhi government like widow pensions and old-age.

Kejriwal asked the officials to be patient and kind with the families at the time of their visits to know the eligible applicants under this scheme. He stressed that at no point families should feel harassed at the time of procedure. If the documents will not be there with the applicants, it’s the responsibility of the officers to get them completed for the application process, Kejriwal added.

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“Families should not be stressed out because of any paper. If you do so, you will get them a lot more in stress. They are suffering already from a lot of things. It is the responsibility of officials to help people in such situations. All the official members need to ensure that all the families get there pay on time and without any issue as this will the only source of their income. Make the families comfortable, assure them, be empathetic, and explain them that the Chief Minister has sent us. Build a strong relationship and process should be fast so that they get the cheques as soon as possible,” Kejriwal said while launching the scheme.

The scheme can easily be availed by applying on or through direct identification by the representatives, who will visit these families based upon the provided database by health state department.

Kejriwal said that this wave was most dangerous from the earlier ones. “There were two waves in the country, but for Delhi, this was the fourth wave. In June 2020, first wave started, the second wave started in September 2020, November 2020 seen the third wave, and now the fourth one. This fourth wave was very severe, spread all over the country and almost every family was affected by it. We lost a lot of lives, many parents left their children alone, and a lot of families lost their earning member. No one is there to look after them; this is why Delhi Government has launched the scheme.”

According to a Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights survey report, more than 2000 children lost either one or both their parents in the national capital or the country. Since the last year’s pandemic in March, more than 70 of them lost both their parents. At least, 651 children have lost their mothers and 1,311 children their fathers.