No Death From Rabies Since 3 Years - Goa Becomes The First State In India To Beat The Virus

Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa stated that the state has not witnessed a single case of rabies in last three years, which makes Goa the first rabies-free state in India.

The task of controlling rabies has been achieved by the Mission Rabies Project which is under the central government giant.

As per the Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, the project has been closely working with various panchayats and political leaders. Because of the awareness regarding rabies, the state has achieved the target.

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How the state became the first rabies-free in India?

Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa while sharing the latest achievement after a Cabinet Meeting informed-

• More than 5,00,000 vaccinations have been done against rabies.

 • All over Goa, the Government has educated many people and now they are aware of rabies.

• Now anyone can call on emergency hotline number as surveillance is available 24-hour and team will be responsive rapidly.

What to know about the Mission Rabies Project?

Mission Rabies is a charity which was founded initially by the Worldwide Veterinary Services.

The charity is based in United Kingdom that helps animals. The major approach of the project which is driven by the research is to eliminate dog bite transmitted rabies disease.

The project which was launched in September 2013 had the mission to vaccinate more than 60,000 dogs so that people could remain safe from rabies in India. Since then, the team has vaccinated about 10,00,000 dogs.

The organization has also worked in different states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, and Rajasthan.

What to know about rabies and what are its causes?

It is a harmful disease which leads to inflammation in the minds of humans and various other mammals. Some of the symptoms to consider in early stage are tingling where the bite has taken place and fever.

After this, other symptoms are followed such as vomiting, violent movements and actions, uncontrolled excitement, nausea, confusion and inability to move body parts.

Rabies is the major concern which is the cause of lyssaviruses, which include Australian bat lyssavirus and rabies virus and it takes place when the animal with a lot of infections bites or scratches a human or any other animal. Worldwide, dogs are the one who are the primary cause of this disease.

Every year all over the world, 60,000 deaths can be seen because of rabies and more than 96% of deaths in humans occur from rabies in Asia and Africa. About 50% of deaths take place in children below the age of 15.


·         The major highlight is Chief Minister has confirmed that more than 5,00,000 vaccinations have been done against rabies.

·         All over Goa, the Government has educated many people and now they are aware of rabies.

·         Task of controlling rabies was being carried out by Mission Rabies project which is a central government grant.