‘No Excuses, Arrest Culprits’, Mamata Banerjee Orders Birbhum Police. TMC Leader Held

Mamata Banerjee, the West Bengal chief minister, approached on Thursday,  the victims of the Birbhum violence, ordering the police to arrest those responsible, along with a local Trinamool Congress (TMC) member who failed to behave to help avoid the dreadful killing of eight individuals and instructing the state police chief to release a state-wide push to capture all unregistered weapons.

Mamata Banerjee, who is in charge of the ministry of home affairs, also directed the cops in the region to take harsh punishment against their supervisory officers.

Banerjee stated she never expected such a horrible occurrence to occur when seeking out family members in Bogtui village in Bengal's Birbhum region who were the victims of the assault. On the one side, war is ongoing, while here, violence is occurring due to the actions of a few individuals. She isn't looking for any justifications. Arrest all of the suspects. Establish the case in such a way that nobody will dare to perpetrate such a violation, and it will serve as a warning to others.

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On night of Monday, minimum eight individuals, namely two kids, were killed when their homes in Bogtui village were set ablaze. The incident occurred just hours following Bhadu Sheikh, the deputy leader of the local Trinamool Congress (TMC) supervised Barshal gramme panchayat, who was murdered in a bombing, prompting opposition parties to criticise the Bengal administration. The Calcutta high court took notice of the incident on Thursday and has deferred its decision until the outcome of a hearing.

Mamata Banerjee also provided a sum of Rs. 2 lakh for people who have lost their homes during her tour to the region. After speaking with the victims' families in Bogtui village, she stated that every family would receive a compensation of Rupees. 5 lakh. From the chief minister's allotment, one person of each household will be awarded a government position. Those who have suffered burn injuries will receive $50,000 apiece.

Trideep Pramanik, the officer in command of the Rampurhat police office, has been suspended. On the chief minister's instructions, police also detained Anarul Hossain, the Trinamool Congress president of Rapurhat-1 block.

The families had informed Hossain, according to Bannerjee. He, on the other hand, did not dispatch the cops. He needs to be detained. If he had sent the cops and set up a police blockade in the neighbourhood, the event may have been avoided. The SDPO (sub-divisional police officer) must have taken safeguards after the murder of Sheikh to avoid a recurrence. She claimed that the SDPO and the regional police station's in-charge failed to carry out their responsibilities. The intelligence section of the district is in the same boat. She demands that those who fail to fulfil their responsibilities face severe consequences.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who also paid a tour to the hospital to monitor the four survivors, said that the crime is part of a broader scheme. She pledged that the police would look into all possibilities to see if just locals were engaged or if strangers had arrived. An unbiased inquiry will be conducted, and strict measures will be implemented.

She stated that the state administration will cover the costs of the victims' care. She intended to fly one of the sufferers to Kolkata, who was brought to the hospital with 60 per cent burn injuries. However, physicians warned her that if she was moved, her health may worsen. She will dispatch an expert team to Rampurhat to ensure that she receives adequate care.