Oxygen Cylinders Recovered From Leading Food Outlet

New Delhi:  The Delhi Police has managed to bust another racket who have been illegally storing and selling oxygen concentrators. Raids were conducted in multiple locations in around the capital and around 450 concentrators were seized.

Largest number of concentrators were found from a high end restaurant cum bar in Lodhi colony namely Nege Ju Bar, a venture by Kalra which is closely associated to business outlets such as Khan Chacha and Dayal Opticals. Oxygen concentrators containing 5-9 litres of oxygen were found piled up in the hotel and it is reported that the cost of the load ranged between Rs. 70,000-1,00,000.


A tip off through a WhatsApp message was received by the police and once the police raided the central market bar, the manager and three fellow workers were arrested along with sealed cardboard boxes containing oxygen concentrators. After questioning, the manager led the police to a farmhouse in Mandi village and around 387 cylinders were recovered from the farmhouse.


Subsequently, Khan Chacha in Delh’s Khan Market was also raided and 96 concentrators were seized and two men arrested. Delhi Police in view of all findings, released videos that show large hoardings of cylinders in these high end restaurants.


The police have immediately started the procedure to give out these concentrators to the hospitals in need of these medical supplies and a case has been filed in DCP south. Each cylinder was reportedly being sold for a cost of 1.3 lakh which is three times the actual cost, the owners of these outlets are absconding and police have initiated a man hunt.


Similarly, in different parts of the capital various such rackets black marketing essential medical supplies were busted by the Delhi Police.