Pakistani Army has intensified shelling at the International Border and the line of control in Kashmir according to Times of India. The unprovoked attack has been on the up ever since the present government has been facing open descent by the people of Pakistan who want to end the rampant corruption and political apathy which they have endured for decades.

This current violation could be related to the internal turmoil to deflect the public’s anger towards the government. Often weak and lacking real democratic value regimes resort to such pitiful action which does nothing but risk lives. But this time heavy mortars have been used which can have impact. This type of attack is carried out to ensure the tension remains high because if more heavy weapons like artillery and multiple rocket launchers are to be used then the situation can get out of hand. This tactics is used on a regular basis by Pakistan just to provoke and cause problems.

A senior BSF officer informed PTI that BSF had responded to the firing from Pakistan with equal caliber weapons till 0700 hours. Pakistani army has resorted to heavy shelling of 82-mm mortars near civilian areas. Under a contingency plan, civilians have been taken to safe places.

However things are getting very serious this time around and more troops have been dispatched to the border to counter and neutralize any Pakistan misadventure. Defense Minister Arun Jaitly on 23rd August commissioned the anti submarine stealth corvette INS Kamorta into the Navy. Mr. Jaitley while speaking to reporters told, "This is a fact that of late, these ceasefire violations by Pakistan have increased. But let everybody be assured that both our Army and BSF, who are respectively guarding the line of control and the international border, are fully vigilant."

Already few civilians have died needlessly and a Border Security Force constable has been injured and is at present receiving treatment. In the middle of all this, Indian troops have also discovered a tunnel dug from the Pak occupied Kashmir to infiltrate terrorist into Kashmir. Sia, Jordha farm, Treva, Nikowal, Pittal, Pindi, Top-2, Gari, Gharana, Abdullian Korotana, Korotana Khurd and Vidhipur Jattan have the prime target of the heavy shelling.

Among the injured are Ajay Chowdhary of Korotana Khurd and Rani Devi of Vidhipur Jattan, besides a BSF jawan.