Pakistan To Rent Out PM's Official House To Manage 'Financial Crunch': Reports

There is a valid reason why the Pakistan watchers ar saying that the economy of the country is being declined on all economic parameters. Governance is about keeping the country safe and increasing its economy. It is found that Pakistan is facing a financial crisis, for which the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan has planned out a strange way to deal with the situation. According to a report by a news agency Ani, citing the media, Imran Khan a cricketer-turned-politician Prime Minister has decided to rent the official residence of the Prime Minister for different types of events like weddings, fashion shows and other social programmes. The cost incurred to maintain the Prime Minister's House was Rs. 470 million in Pakistan currency yearly.

Previously, it was decided to be converted into a university. According to a report by Samaa TV, the ruling party Tehreek-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf(PTI) declared in August 2019 that they would like to change the Prime Minister House into a university. The Prime Minister even bowed out of the place and moved into his new place that is Bani Gala residence, but he was still using the office area.

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According to sources given by local media, the federal cabinet, which had previously announced a state-of-the-art federal educational institution at the Prime Minister House, has now decided to allow people to hold educational, cultural, fashion, and other social events at the place located in Islamabad's Red Zone. According to Samaa TV, the federal government has decided to abandon the university's plan and instead rent out the property. Two committees shall be formed to make sure that discipline and decorum are maintained at the Prime Minister's residence during when any event is being conducted.

According to the media, the federal cabinet shall hold a meeting to discuss the ways to earn maximum revenue from the building. It is decided that the lawn in front of the Prime Minister's office, two guest wings, and the auditorium of the Prime Minister's House shall be rented out to earn revenue. Other high-level diplomatic significant functions, international seminars will also take place at the former principal workplace of the Pakistani premier.

Before becoming the Prime Minister, Imran Khan declared that the government will cut down the expenses. And after becoming the Prime Minister, he announced, that the federal government does not have funds to spend on public welfare programs, despite the fact that some people in the country are "living like our colonial masters used to live."Pakistan's economy has fallen by USD 19 billion since Khan took power three years ago. He has implemented new steps to curb government spending in order to provide relief to the country's economy. Miftah Ismail, the former finance minister, said that the PTI administration was playing with the economy, also added that the government and state institution debts have been increased by Rs 45,000 billion since Imran Khan took over.  It is a tough time for the country.