PM Modi Congratulates Indian Navy On Vikrant's Maiden Sea Trial: Things To Know About India's First IAC

India has decided to build its first indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) Vikrant. It is the most complex and the largest warship to be constructed in India. The sea trials of the IAC has been started on 4th August 2021. It was a successful operation and there are great things to be achieved by August next year, as planned by the navy.

The warship was built at Rs 23,000 crore approximately. The Navy described the launch of the sea trials of 40000-tonne warship as 'historic' because it added the name of the country in the list of countries having capabilities to construct an indigenous aircraft carrier. The warship which shall control Kamov-31 helicopters, MiG-29K fighter jets, MH-60R helicopters, is designed for a group of 1700 people approx. and also has more than 2300 compartments. This shall also include special cabins for women officers.

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For this achievement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the great Indian navy, the manufacturer of the aircraft, and the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) by posting about the sea trial on Twitter. In his post, he praised CSL and the Indian Navy's design team. He described it as a historic milestone and also mentioned that it is an example of the Make In India program. Defence Minister of India, Rajnath Singh also commented on the achievement. He stated that the development of the aircraft carrier is an excellent example of 'AtmaNirbhar Bharat' and 'Make in India’.India Navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal said that it is a historic and proud moment for the country as the Vikrant (IAC) took its first step by sailing for her maiden sea trials. He also mentioned that the ship had been made with a high degree of automation for ship navigation, machinery operation, and survivability.

Now, let us talk about Vikrant the great aircraft carrier. It is named after a Majestic class aircraft carrier that was used by the Indian Navy between 1961 and 1997. Its construction started in 2009. The flight deck area is as large as two football fields, the aircraft measures 262 m long and 62 m at the widest part. It stands 59 meters tall, including the superstructure. It can provide a speed of 28 knots approximately, and a cursing speed of 18 knots. It also achieves an endurance of 7500 nautical miles approx. Displacement of about 40000 tonnes is achievable by the mammoth steel structure of 21500 tonnes of the aircraft. According to officials, the aircraft carrier (which has more than 76% indigenous parts) is expected to be added to the Indian Navy after it has passed all the aviation trials.

Currently, India has only 1 aircraft carrier that is INS Vikramaditya. The Indian Navy is focusing more on increasing its overall capabilities as China has also given the effort to increase its military existence around the Indian Ocean. According to the Indian Navy, the Indian Ocean is the backyard of the country and it is in a critical situation.