PM Modi To Address UNGA, Meet Biden, Harris In US

During a hectic three-day journey to the United States, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact with both US President Joe Biden (September 24) and Vice President Kamala Harris (September 23). He will also attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York as the opening speaker of the day.

The tour's focus is the initial in-person meeting of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad, officials on September 24, which will be convened by Biden in the White House by Modi, Yoshihide Suga, and Scott Morrison. On an aforementioned day, the US President will hold a gala dinner.

The Indian Prime Minister will hold a sequence of meetings at the White House on the second day of his visit. This will be his initial encounter with Biden since the latter was elected President of the United States, as well as his first meeting with Harris in person. He had met Biden during his first visit to the United States as Prime Minister in 2014. Under President Barack Obama's government at the time, Biden was the vice president. Following the Quad dinner on September 24, Modi is likely to travel for New York.

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Modi had addressed the UNGA in person in 2019, but the 2020 meetings were held virtually due to the spreading Covid-19 outbreak, which had devastated New York state and city, turning them into the epicentre of the world's worst public health disaster in more than a century.

Whereas Air India has requested approval from Islamabad to fly PM Modi's Air India One Boeing 777-300ER plane over Pakistani airspace, the plane has enough range to fly directly to Washington without passing through Pakistani airspace.

According to experts, the new AUKUS Anglo-Saxon security alliance is doubtful to jeopardise Quad. They highlighted out that AUKUS addresses the strategic aspect by enabling Australia to purchase eight nuclear-powered defensively armed submarines from the United States and the United Kingdom, with a focus on China and the Indo-Pacific. Quad has a strategy centred on the Indo-Pacific, to create global supply chains that aren't just reliant on one Asian country.

The leaders are scheduled to speak on the existing epidemic and their combined efforts to improve worldwide vaccine supply, the climate catastrophe, collaborating on innovations and cyberspace and supporting a free and open Indo-Pacific at the in-person conference. They are expected to unveil, among other things, a collaboration on supply chain security for semiconductors.

“The Biden government has chosen to court Prime Minister Modi and will make every endeavour to deepen the bilateral cooperation including the QUAD dialogue,” a previous Foreign Secretary who did not want to be identified stated.

S Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister, will arrive in New York on Monday for a sequence of UN and linked meetings, together with the G-4, which takes place nearly every year on the outskirts of the general assembly. Members of this alliance, India, Brazil, Germany, and Japan, are demanding permanent seats on an enlarged UN Security Council as part of long-overdue reforms of the international organisation.

Jaishankar will also attend a session of the G-20 countries' foreign ministers on Afghanistan. The G-4 and G-20 summits will both take place on September 22.