Pragya Thakur Lashes Out At Congressman Over Her ‘Missing’ Poster

Pragya Thakur, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and MP of Bhopal slammed a Madhya Pradesh Congress legislator for disappearance posters regarding Thakur that circulated during the high point of the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that "such Congressmen and traitors" have no place in India and that only patriots will remain in the country. The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) member delivered the comments at a Dussehra celebration on Bhopal's MVM Field, where Congress's Bhopal South Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) P C Sharma, who became the focus, was reportedly available there. He stormed out of the gathering in a rage.

Throughout the ceremony, Pragya Thakur referred to Hindus as patriots and stated that if nationalists recognise their strength, the nation's boundaries will be protected, India will be merged, and the country will be restored to its previous glory.

Pragya Thakur said at the meeting, according to Press Trust of India (PTI) that animals, like humans, have emotions, the animal sobs when one of its offspring dies or becomes ill. The Congressmen are, on the other hand, worse than animals. Do not handle the unwell as though they are ill. He went on further saying that they tormented her initially, and then after she got sick, they put up her disappearance signs.

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She continued saying that shame on such people who become Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). These persons did not deserve to be elected as Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), yet they did. They may claim to be Hindus, yet they are disrespectful. They come after us. They weep for people who murder us. Disgrace on these Congressmen, such cowards, and that she believes they have no location in India as in India, only heroes will survive.

She (Pragya Thakur) also made a subtle jab at Congress veteran Digvijaya Singh, claiming that merely doing Parikrama on Narmada will not make a person devout.

 Pragya Thakur claimed that no 'adharmic' might become holy by performing Parikrama in Narmada. She took a clear hit at Digvijaya Singh, although she didn't mention him. In 2017, the Congress leader completed the Three thousand three hundred kilometre Narmada parikrama.

Sharma, a Congress Member of Parliament who left the show in the middle, later told the news agency Press Trust of India that it was a social platform, not a political one. Even though it was a Dussehra event, she criticised individuals who participate in the Narmada Parikrama, whatever her objective may be. This is reprehensible.

According to her, billboards honouring Pragya Thakur's disappearance had been built. Bhopal residents were denied a bed and injections for two years during the outbreak. He explained that the locals have been pleading with Pragya Thakur, a Bhopal Member of Parliament, to provide these amenities.

Thakur, who was imprisoned for several years after being arrested in the Malegaon bomb case, previously claimed that she was wrongfully arrested and tortured up by police officers to confess to the crime.