Priyanka Flags Off Yatras, Promises Farm Loan Waiver, Halving Power Bills In Uttar Pradesh

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the Congress national secretary, launched three pratigya yatras on Saturday and offered five additional pledges, namely waiving farm loans and reducing power bills, the advance of the 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly polls.

If the Congress wins control in Uttar Pradesh, the pledges include 20 lakh administration jobs, a minimum confidence price of 2500 per quintal for wheat and paddy, a state consulting price (SAP) of 400 per quintal for sugarcane, halving power bills, rescinding dues from the Covid-19 time frame, and monetary incentives of twenty-five thousand to Covid-19 victim's communities.

So far in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, Congress has made seven pledges. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra pledged 40 per cent party seats to females in the assembly elections, cellphones to 12th class passing girls, and scooters to postgraduates previously this week.

"Until females show headway and engage in governance, we would not be ready to carry about progress and settle some concerns." To make sure that women are competent in winning their fights, Congress intends to allocate 40% of tickets to them. We're releasing a second manifesto for females, and one of the pledges stated in the manifesto for women, which will be presented in a week, is that girls will get cellphones and electric scooters. Priyanka Gandhi remarked this during her brief speech at an event marking the start of one of the pratigya yatras from Harakh Bazar in Barabanki, roughly 40 kilometres from the Lucknow.

"Hamari saat pratigyayen, hum vachan nibhayenge" Which means that their seven pledges, they will keep. This is the tagline for the pratigya yatras.

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Varanasi and Saharanpur were the starting points for the other two yatras. The yatras will go across the state's major cities, towns, and villages until 1st November. After Diwali, the Congress will begin its fourth yatra from Gorakhpur.

Priyanka utilised the opportunity to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to fire the union minister of state for home Ajay Kumar Mishra Teni, whose son Ashish Mishra was detained on 3rd October concerning disturbances in Lakhimpur Kheri.

The politician and his son have rejected the latter's suspicion of participation in the event on numerous occasions.

She further said that they all are familiar with how farmers have been killed by the Narendra Modi government's son of a politician. This episode exemplifies how the Modi administration handles farmers. The suspect's father is still an official in the Modi administration. Congress had already eliminated loans totalling 72,000 crores. Farmers' loans will be waived once more, and power prices will be cut in halves. The Chhattisgarh administration is paying $2500 per quintal for paddy. They will pay the same price for paddy. Sugarcane growers will also receive SAP of $400 per quintal.

She claimed that she has met a handful of temporary workers in the past couple of years and that if her party is elected to power, they will be able to keep their jobs.

Priyanka Gandhi had a short conversation with a bunch of females in a rice field near Barabanki before announcing the seven pledges. The females were observed providing her with jaggery and food.

She explained that she arrived there to learn about their concerns and the current situation.