Promotion Of ‘Mafiawaad’ By The Previous Govt Destroyed Businesses In UP, Says PM

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi unleashed a harsh assault on the opposition on Tuesday, claiming that prior administrations promoted 'mafiawaad' to the point of destroying enterprises and sectors in the state.

At a general populace rally after unveiling a section of the Kanpur Metro station and the 356 km Bina-Panki multi-product piping endeavour at Railway Floor in Nirala Nagar, he stated that the previous administration in Uttar Pradesh encouraged the growth of the mafiawaad tree to the point where all industries and companies were destructed under its shade. Yogiji's administration has now restored law and order to the country. As a result, investment in Uttar Pradesh is expanding, and offenders are being sent to jail after their bail is revoked.

He claimed that the state's growth was being accelerated by the double-engine administration at the centre and in Uttar Pradesh, which was functioning at double speed.

The Prime Minister also slammed the SP for seizing 196 crore money from a Kanpur-based entrepreneur, saying it was the rival party's success and truth.

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He claimed that the boxes containing money notes had tipped over and that he expected them (the Samajwadi Party) to claim responsibility.

He stated, without naming names, that the stench of fraud that they had strewn across the state of Uttar Pradesh before 2017 was visible to all.

Modi claimed that the opposition was now sitting silently. They are not coming up to claim responsibility for the pile of cash bills that the rest of the country has witnessed, he claimed. This is their accomplishment as well as their truth.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the citizens of Uttar Pradesh see and comprehend all of it, and as a result, they support those striving to move the state ahead.

The Prime Minister stated that past administrations in Uttar Pradesh used to believe they had won the jackpot to steal the state for 5 years, but that the current double-engine administration works with integrity and responsibility.

He claimed that the SP has an issue with anything they do, whether it is the repeal of triple talaq or empowerment of women, and that they simply protest and seek recognition for the success they accomplish.

Before 2014, the Prime Minister stated, Uttar Pradesh had only 9 kilometres of Metro train tracks, which has grown to 90 kilometres in the last 7 years.

Before 2014, just 5 places in the nation had Metropolitan services, according to the Prime Minister. It is now operational in 5 cities in Uttar Pradesh, with 27 cities around the country having Metros. Youth in Tier II and III cities have gained a lot of confidence as a result of this.

Modi went on to say that in our nation for centuries, one portion was advanced while another was left-back. It is similarly crucial to eliminate inequality at the state level as it is at the societal level. This is why Modi's administration is implementing the Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas motto.