Punjab CM Denies Lapse In Security During PM Modi’s Ferozepur Visit

The Chief Minister of Punjab Charanjit Singh Channi denied there was any safety breakdown amid Prime Minister Narendra Modi's trip to Ferozepur to deliver a Bharatiya Janata party gathering on Wednesday afternoon, saying his administration did not know the Prime Minister's journey by road via Bathinda airport to Ferozepur.

Shortly after the Union home ministry decided to issue a declaration quoting a significant security failure in which the Prime Minister was trapped on an overpass for fifteen-twenty minutes owing to activists blocking the road, Channi informed a Television media outlet that the Prime Minister was supposed to make the journey by air but that his plans were altered due to the rain. The Prime Minister unexpectedly chose to drive from Bathinda to Ferozepur. There had been no previous knowledge of this. He stayed up until 3 a.m. trying to get peasants to empty all pathways. Early Wednesday morning, all of the roads had been cleared. The Prime Minister's road trip was not included in the schedule. They might have made excellent preparations if they had been informed in advance of the road trip.

The Prime Minister's convoy was halted, according to the chief minister, when somebody positioned a trolley on the route wherein Modi was passing. He said that it was a spontaneous occurrence and that there was no safety compromise.

The Chief Minister claims low turnout at a Bharatiya Janata Party rally as a reason for the Prime Minister's departure.

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Channi also poked fun at the Bharatiya Janata Party rally's low turnout, claiming that they had planned for 70,000 individuals however only 700 showed up. Perhaps this is why the Prime Minister planned to return.

Furthermore, the state administration has been requested to provide a thorough report by the ministry of home affairs, which has been made aware of the significant security violation. Modi was set to travel to Ferozepur to lay the first stone for some infrastructure projects totalling over Rs 42,750 crore.

The Prime Minister arrived in Bathinda early in the morning, intending to fly to Hussainiwala to visit the National Martyrs Memorial. The Prime Minister waited 20 minutes for the sky to improve because it was raining and the vision was bad. Because the weather did not improve, Modi decided to reach the memorial by road, which he did after receiving approval from Punjab Police Director General of Police Sidharth Chattopadhyay of the appropriate safety preparations.

According to the MHA, a backup program must have been in place.

Whenever the Prime Minister's motorcade approached a flyover around 30 kilometres beyond the National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala, it was discovered that the route was obstructed by demonstrators, according to the MHA report. The Prime Minister was stranded on a bridge for fifteen-twenty minutes. This was a serious breach of the Prime Minister's safety.

The Punjab Administration was informed in advance of the Prime Minister's itinerary and travel plans, according to the message. They must make the required provisions for transportation, safety, and a backup plan, according to protocol. Furthermore, the Government Of Punjab must employ added protection in light of the backup plan to ensure any transit by roadway, which was not done.