Putin Speech - Justifying Ukraine Invasion - Cut Midway Due To A Glitch

In front of a loud soccer stadium on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the invasion of Ukraine, but his remark on national television was unexpectedly cut short owing to a technological fault with a database, as per the Kremlin.

Putin guaranteed thousands of individuals holding Russian flags and singing Russia's name on a platform in the heart of Moscow's Luzhniki Field that all of the Kremlin's goals will be realised.

From a stage emblazoned with slogans like For a planet without Nazism as well as For Our President, Putin told the crowd that they knew what they have to accomplish, how to achieve it, and at what cost. They would, without a doubt, carry out all of their intentions.

The Z sign, which Russian forces have utilised as a symbol in Ukraine, was featured prominently in many of the Russian protest slogans. One reads, For Vladimir Putin, —- Za Putina.

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Vladimir Putin, clothed in a coat and turtleneck, claimed the soldiers who fought in Ukraine's special military campaign have proved Russia's unity.

Vladimir Putin stated that they help, encourage, and shelter each other from gunfire with their bodies as if they were brothers, arm in arm. They haven't had unity like this since a long time.

State television moved away from his statement in the middle of a sentence to display earlier pre-recorded video of patriotic music, although he eventually returned on state television.

According to the RIA media organization, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said state television abruptly broke away from Putin due to a technical failure on a server.

It was unclear why the server problem resulted in such a sudden and unexpected interruption.


Putin claims that the action in Ukraine was vital because the United States was utilizing the nation to blackmail Russia and that Russia needed to protect itself from Ukraine's genocide of Russian speakers.

Ukraine feels it is fighting for its life and rejects Putin's accusations of genocide. Claims that the West intends to pull Russia away are false, according to the West.

Before Vladimir Putin was addressed, the powerful national song of Russia, with the lines — Russia is our holy state, blared from the stands of the 2018 Soccer World Cup venue, including more modern musical favourites like "—-created in the USSR.

Lube, Vladimir Putin's preferred Russian band, performed patriotic songs regarding combat, sacrifice, and the dignity of Russian soldiers.

Fyodor Tyutchev's Pan-Slavist literature was read, with poems warning Russians that they will forever be regarded as Intellectual slaves by Europeans.

Russia no longer has any delusions regarding ever depending on the West, and Moscow would never accept an international system dominated by the United States, which is behaving like a sheriff trying to order all the shots in a saloon bar, according to Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister.

Putin invoked Russia's 18th-century navy captain Fyodor Ushakov while Joe Biden, the president of the US spoke by telephone with Xi Jinping, the president of China on the Ukraine crisis.

Putin has already stated that these disasters would bring Russia honour. That was the case previously, it is the case presently, and it would forever be the case.