Rajya Sabha Chairman Has Expressed Concern Over The Conduct Of Mps, Warns Of Action.

You would have surely heard of this trending conversation between Rajya sabha members. I prefer to read the highlights as mentioned here side. Now without wasting much time, let's jump into the news. 


Venkaiah Naidu, chairman of the Upper House of Parliament, expressed grave concern about the behavior. Some members during their protest over Pegasus snooping row and other issues.


On Friday, they were saying that such conduct lowered the dignity and prestige of the chamber.

Members were whistling, he said, while others held placards to block ministers' views. Other people placed their hands on the marshals' shoulders while MPs from opposition parties such as the Congress and the TMC protested in the Housewell over different issues.


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"This is a matter that concerns me greatly.”As the day began, Naidu made a statement. That is my sincere appeal. I hope you will consider it. Because of this, we should not exhaust the patience of the entire House."


To him, the choice is between allowing this behavior to continue and turning the House into a "bazaar" or taking action. “Decorum, prestige and practice characterise a house. 

Protests should not harm the dignity and prestige of the House, Naidu said.” 


Naidu said that while protesting is acceptable, the dignity and prestige of the House should not be compromised.


During the Monsoon Session of Parliament, which began on July 19, opposition MPs have stymied proceedings in the Rajya Sabha over issues ranging from Israeli Pegasus spy software to snoop on political rivals, opponents of the government and journalists to contentious farm laws and the fuel price hike.


As a result, the phrase "siti Baja" is used (whistling because of an old habit). So here we are in House, "Naidu made the statement.” Another issue is that several members are putting their hands on top of the marshals' shoulders. Their actions are unknown to me, and I have no idea why."


Others are standing in front of the ministers, obstructing them, he said. "There are two ways to deal with this: ignore it and let it turn into a bazaar, or take action (market).” Everyone can whistle," says Har ek apna siti. "Naidu spoke up for himself. It's time to get started.


The chairman apologised profusely for having to say this on the stage. In addition, Naidu said, MPs can protest, walk out of the House, express their vehement opposition to the government, and even halt business. 

The chairman of the Rajya Sabha, who is also the country's vice president, said the Question Hour and Zero Hour are the members' property, not the government's property. Member questions are answered by ministers during Question Hour, while public issues are addressed during Zero Hour.


Naidu said that when members' names are called to ask questions or discuss topics for Zero Hour, they do not respond because they are protesting in the Well.


There are several ways people can learn more about the issues that their MPs plan to raise during Zero Hour.