Repeal Of Farm Laws Highlights PM's Supreme Character: Manohar Lal Khattar

While hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement today on the amazing event of Gurpurab to abolish three agriculture laws, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar stated that eliminating these legislation has indeed revealed the Prime Minister's superior nature.

Khattar told the reporters at his apartment on Friday that some farmers' unions have been agitating on the Delhi boundaries because the Central administration introduced the three farming laws for the majority of the rural population, particularly tiny and vulnerable farmers.

According to Khatter, Prime Minister Modi declared today that these regulations will be repealed, citing the greater public interest once more. Nevertheless, soon after these regulations were enacted, a huge majority of farmers saw these rules as advantageous to them, and they praised the Central Administration.

The determination of the Prime Minister to scale back this legislation in the forthcoming session of parliament, according to the Haryana chief minister, demonstrates that the Prime Minister prioritises the interests of the public.

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The Haryana Chief Minister added that the same as the Prime Minister, he will encourage farms on the Delhi boundary to halt their protests and return to their houses as soon as possible because the ordinary man is also suffering as a result of the protest. Now is the time to take a constructive approach to this problem.

According to Khattar, the Prime Minister has also stated that a panel will be formed to examine the farmers' MSP concerns. He also stated that the panel will include officials from farmers' unions, state administrations, and experts. He expects a judgment in this area to be made soon as well.

Growers must not be concerned at this time, as there is no reason to be suspicious of the Prime Minister, according to Khattar.

In response to a question on the dismissal of cases filed against farmers, Haryana Chief Minister remarked that many other factors are considered in these instances; certain instances are ordinary, while others are filed under severe portions. Khatter said that the state administration will now undertake a positive move as well and that there would be no issues.

The Chief Minister stated that the movement has had a significant influence on Haryana and that he may have met with the Prime Minister, prominent lawmakers, and sometimes even agricultural unions during the past year. On this issue, 11 formal sessions with farmers were held, as well as numerous casual gatherings to share their voice with the Center. He believes that our efforts contributed significantly to the Prime Minister's choice.

When asked about farmer unions' suspicion of the Prime Minister, the chief minister said that the declaration made by Prime Minister today has gotten mixed emotions, as some have hailed him for it, while others are still not happy.  He might advise farmers not to be concerned at this time and to trust the Prime Minister's decision.

Indeed the opposition, according to Khattar, has shown trust.

It is illogical to link this choice to elections.

In response to some other query about the Prime Minister's unexpected announcement of the repeal of these regulations, Khattar stated that this decision was not made overnight and that discussions on the subject had been ongoing for a long time. He further stated that trying this choice to elections is illogical and unjustifiable. Elections pass us by. The Prime Minister has undoubtedly demonstrated a huge heart by making this decision. He has yet again demonstrated that he is the leader of the common guy.