Rise In The Cases Of ‘Black Fungus’ Among COVID-19 Patients

New Delhi:  Amidst the rampant rise in cases of Covid-19, Doctors in various parts of Delhi are witnessing a  fungal virus developing in the patients called Mucormycosis. Mucormycosis also called as Black Fungus is a rare yet extremely severe fungal infection caused by a batch of molds that are called mucormycetes. These molds exist in different parts of the environment.

Black fungus  mainly infects individuals  who have major health issues or consume medicines that significantly lower their body’s ability to fight against germs and illness. Mucormycosis can be fatal for individuals with low immunity.

The symptoms of Black fungus are :

       face numbness or sores

       obstructions in nasal areas

       swelling in eyes

       Severe headache


Earlier several doctors across Delhi had flagged an alert after noticing an unusual  increase in such cases back in December 2020.  It was reported that a total of  12 cases were recorded within a span of 15 days. According to Dr Manish Munjal, senior surgeon at Ganga Ram Hospital,the Black Fungus are quite evidently being seen again in Covid patients as their immunity hits rock bottom when they get infected.

“We are looking at a huge rise  in this dangerous infection that has been triggered by COVID-19 again. From the past two days six cases of Mucormycosis have been admitted.  Previous year this fatal infection resulted in severe mortality amongst patients suffering from loss of eyesight, removal of nose bone, Removal of Jaw etc." , Dr. Manish added.

Experts stated that the use and consumption  of steroids could be one integral reason for the fungal infections. The steroids and the fact that many Covid patients have diabetes could be the primary reasons for the rise in the number of Mucormycosis infections again. "Covid patients with weak immunity are extremely prone to this fatal infection,” stated Dr Swaroop Chairman,  Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.